A Professional’s Guide to Efficient Carpet Cleaning

A Professional's Guide to Efficient Carpet Cleaning

Caring for your carpets isn’t a cakewalk. While you understand that the presence of rugs and carpeted floors dynamically bring out the beauty of your decor, are you aware of the difficulties that homeowners face during the cleaning process?

With the advancement in technology and incredible tools at everyone’s disposal, the standards for carpet cleaning have gone up a few notches. Whether you are planning to hire professionals, like the rug cleaning services applecross, or would like a DIY on carpet cleaning, understanding the process will go a long way.

With that thought, here’s a post on carpet cleaning that will help you figure out the best method suitable for your requirements.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning does not deliver great results as compared to some of the other methods. However, this form of cleaning can be used to thoroughly enhance the appeal of the carpets. Whether it’s a residential carpet or your commercial one, bonnet cleaning is a quick solution wherein the surface of the rug is cleaned and disinfected, leaving your carpets looking spectacular. But, if there is a need for deeper cleaning, then the following points are your real savior.


Carpet shampooing is a trusted Tauranga carpet cleaning method where a chemical solution is used to clean the dirtiest carpets. Such liquids are left to dry, which bring forward the deep-seated dirt and filth once they turn brittle followed by vacuum cleaning. Even though the professionals excel at delivering excellent results with this process, it also makes for a remarkable DIY experiment.

Hot Water Extraction

The most popular yet extensive form of carpet cleaning is the hot-water extraction. With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, experts might make it seem like a simple procedure, but don’t fool yourself. Solution-based water is thrown out of a carpet cleaning machine with considerable pressure. This further results in the extraction of dirt even from the deepest corners of the carpet. While the detergent gets rid of the filth, the hot water eradicates fungus, mold and bacteria, rendering your carpets safe and fresh.


Highly similar to the carpet shampooing process, encapsulation has secured favor from the carpet cleaners in Tauranga in considerable amounts. Since this process uses a lesser amount of water and can be well-performed with eco-friendly products, both the cleaners and the customers consider encapsulation to be a better option. Moreover, the residue from the foam is highly reduced, ensuring prolonged benefits.

Dry carpet cleaning

If you are interested in a cleaning method that will get even the deep-rooted filth out without creating a mess, then dry carpet cleaning is the apt solution for you. With the help of a motorised brush machine, the cleaning compounds are spread all over the carpet. Such compounds ensure almost no-moisture thorough cleaning by sitting deep into the carpets. Whether it’s a wine stain or the pet urine odor that’s leaving a nasty smell, dry carpet cleaning excels at getting rid of it all.

Foam cleaning

Many times people tend to get confused between shampooing, encapsulation and foam cleaning. Shampooing and encapsulation are better performed by experts where the carpets are treated with chemicals and left to dry. However, the difference between these two and foam cleaning is the abrasiveness of the process.

In shampooing, a liquid is used to clean the carpets. However, in foam cleaning method, foam is made. Once the rugs are spread with foam, they are thoroughly brushed and left to dry, followed by vacuuming. Such a procedure can be carried out without the support of professionals too.

If you aren’t willing to shell several pretty pennies on the replacement of your carpets every year or so, make sure that you clean your carpets thoroughly at least twice a year. Try the above-mentioned cleaning processes to find your fit.

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