A Step-by-Step Guide To Create Striking Invitation Videos


Be it a party, a bar mitzvah, or a big-fat wedding, your invites must always be as memorable as your celebrations. Dodge the conventional emails and E-cards when you can create your very own invitation videos within minutes. It is a popular saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and thus, video invitations are a good way to make your request a more personal one. Leave your guests in awe by creating wonderfully creative videos economically and with minimal effort.

With the availability of a diverse range of applications, it is now extremely easy to create your own videos without spending money. You not only save the hefty fee of graphic designers but also get a chance to customize your video as per your wish.

Before getting started, make sure your video equipment creates stellar-looking videos. If it doesn’t, consider renting some from Pro Motion Hire.

Here are five steps for creating your own invitation videos

Create a folder of all the images and footage you want to put in the invitation video.

Your invitation is incomplete without great images and videos. Make it personal and insightful by adding relevant images from an online image bank and compiling the images into one single folder so that its easier to locate. You can find royalty-free images on various sites that have a diverse range of themes. The online invitation makers are an easy way to fit all your images into the invitation video. Make sure that your photos and footages are of high resolution. Shutterstock is a globally-used platform that purveys quality images and videos at economical rates.

Write a short yet heartwarming text to request the presence of your guests.

Your content must have a limited word count since too wordy videos cannot be very impactful. Furthermore, your video does not look visually appealing if it has abundant written material in it. The average duration of invitation videos is anything between five to seven minutes. You can mesmerize your viewers with plenty of striking images and a few heartfelt wordings.

Download an invitation maker on Google Playstore or other online stores for free.

There are a hundred applications available online that can be utilized for video making purposes. Through these applications, you can customize your video, crop your images, design the content, format the text and font, and also add music, all within a few minutes. PicPlayPost, iMovie, and Pixgram are some of the popularly used slideshow and music applications.

Add the pictures and videos that you’ve curated in the folder.

The application that you choose to download must have access to your phone gallery or your computer drive. You can then simply drag images from the folder into the timeline of the app and let the automated videomaker do all the hard work. The application instantly stitches your content together. You can also change the order of your photos and videos as per your choice and make the required alterations in the timeline. After a compilation is created, you can also apply various transitions and add animations into your video to make it even more mesmerizing. The application also shows you the duration of your video with every addition and subtraction you make in it.

Insert text and music into the video.

After all the images and clippings are added in the timeline of the video, you only have to add your curated text in one or multiple frames. Make sure that your texts do not hide essential elements of the frame, like a person’s face or other graphics. If it is a wedding invitation video, you can add names of the bride and groom and their respective families. If it is an official invitation, you can add names of the guest of honors and panel of judges. Add sponsors in music festival videos, and so on.

Make sure that your content is grammatically correct and error-free. After you’ve cross-checked every frame of the video one last time, it is now time to add a piece of background music. You can choose from a massive list of music available on these apps the one that goes with the theme and mood of your video. You can also add music that you may have saved on your device previously or simply just browse your favorite songs on the application’s search engine.

Your video is all set to be shared. Render your invitation video and astound your viewers. You can use various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp to share the video in your community circle.

You can use invitation making applications for creating promotional videos and birthday collages as well. Make memorable videos for all your invitees with the multi-functional tool that is effective and intuitive. With a wide category of transitions, graphics, and other video elements, you can unleash your creativity and make personalized invitations for all your social gatherings. Happy video making!

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