Access Control System Cost Per Door

Access control systems are now so famous for business buildings. If you own a business, you might be thinking of considering an access control system for your business building or personal home. An access control system and a keyless entry system are pretty much the same. Using an access control system has many advantages. But it’s a little bit expensive.

Most of us will not realize how much the access control program would cost to install? There are several various forms of access control devices. The quality depends on the kind of access control system.

In this article, I have given the information about the access control system cost per door.

How Much Access control system costs?

In the industry, there are various kinds of access control systems. The prices differ according to the machine type. An access control device would usually cost about $500 per door.

Moreover, you have to pay $1500 to $2500 per door to find a decent access control device, which is far safer than that of an inexpensive one.

The price can also differ according to the functionality you choose to add to your home or company. The annual licensing charge for each door is around $700 a year.

How an access control system work?

We all have noticed that a traditional door has a mechanical or physical hinge to open the door physically. I mean, you have to unlock the door with keys. But an access control system is done electrically.

An access control system is secured, and the outsider can’t open it. An access control system requires a valid credential of the users. Without the permission of the owner, it can’t be opened.

There are three different kinds of access control systems. Such as

  • Magnetic locks. These doors use very powerful magnetic, electric magnetics which holds the door closed.
  • Electric strikes. These doors use electrical power to shut and open the door. To open the door, you have to press a specific switch to open the door. It can’t be manually opened.
  • Electronic locks. You have to push some particular keys or passwords or fingerprints to open the door. This one is more secure than the previous ones.

An access control system requires some specific way to open or close the door. Such, you may have to use a remote to open the door. You may also have to enter a 4 digit or 8-digit passcode and just swipe a special card to open the door depending on the type of the access control system. The prices also vary depending on the type of access control system per entry.

Cost of repair

You have to remember that access control will fail for many reasons when you implement a control device. In addition to understanding the expense of the port access control scheme, it must be understood how much it would expense to restore if a port control device fails.

Repairing the equipment for access management may be expensive. The output of the program relies on the device’s fault. If the control fails, that ensures no safe door, because no electricity is available, is closed and protected. The door is not secured.

But if there are other complications, including the short circuit or injury, you would have to pay a lot of money to overcome the problem. An average, $1000 a year is expended to restore and reinstall expenses.


An access control device is pretty useful in your daily life. Yeah, it’s a little bit expensive. But if you are planning to install the access control system for your home or business building. I highly recommend using the best one.

To get the best one, you have to do a little research, and I have also provided the information above about the access control system cost per door. I hope it will help you plan to install it for your home—the best of luck.

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