Achieving A Rustic Style Kitchen That Looks Anything But Dated


Sometimes it can be easy to think of rustic and shaker style kitchens as a bit dated and old-fashioned, and not in a good way. We get those images of varnished pine cupboards in our minds, with terracotta tiles on the floor and it can all seem in poor taste. However, this needn’t this case. In fact, it is entirely possible to achieve a kitchen with rustic styling that is perfectly up to date and on trend. Just read in to find out how.

Bare brick and vertical wood paneling

One method for achieving an on-trend yet rustic kitchen look is to go for bare brick on the walls that there then covered over with a whitewash. This gives you that slightly unfinished look, but also lightens the room and makes it more of a neutral base in which to use other colors and tones.

A feature that also goes particularly well with this type of wall is vertical wood panelling, which can be used instead of a reaction cooker or sink splashback, or even to create an added feature on a plain wall. The wood can be finished in light or dark stains, but steer clear of varnishes unless you want to conjure up a more retro 60’s kitchen vibe.

Open shelving

Next, a significant trend in rustic style kitchens at the moment is to have swaths of open shelving for storing pots, pans, crockery and even jars of dried ingredients. The idea being that shelves like these are not only practical but also contribute to the rustic and relaxed aesthetic of the kitchen space.

Of course, it is a wise idea to consult with several kitchen remodeling companies to get an estimate for the price of stripping out your old kitchen units and creating open, rustic shelving in their place. Primarily because it’s very likely that you currently have a built-in kitchen with which to work, and these can be notoriously difficult to remove while maintaining a high-quality finish on the walls to which they were once fixed.

Heritage colors

Also, another smart way of creating a rustic kitchen space that is also on trend is to use heritage colors and tones in the decoration. What this means is that if you do decide to go for built-in cabinets, you can repaint these in tones like sage green or sailor blue, which usually come in matte. Thus creating a much more muted and modern take on the rustic look, without having to remodel the entire space.

Metallic accents

Lastly, don’t be afraid to include some metallic accents in you rustic style kitchen, but do stay away from anything too shiny looking, like polished chrome and stainless steel.

Instead go for more primitive looking materials such as cabinets made from zinc, or steel and iron chairs. You can even get things like matt black and copper kitchen mixer taps to affix to your sink, which will not only give you a modern on-trend look but help to maintain that rustic ambiance as well.

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