Add Value to Your Property With These Tips

Add Value to Your Property With These Tips

Once you have purchased your house, you might be thinking about ways that you can add value to it. One day you may choose to sell it, or pass it down to your children or grandchildren and making adjustments to the property can up the value. And, after all, what is worth 100k today wasn’t worth that a few years ago, so to help soften the heavy blow of the housing market, specific features and maintenance can boost the value.

So what are they?

Anything that appears to be superficial needs to be touched up and kept in a good state of repair. Even if the rest of the property is actually in perfect order ‘looking ugly’ give the impression it hasn’t been taken care of – and will drop the price considerably. So what are we talking here?

  • Squeaky floors, stairs and doors
  • Peeling paint
  • Any locks that don’t work
  • Leaky Taps
  • Any windows that have condensation in between the glass, cracks, or chips
  • Any wood that has gotten damp or chipped
  • Moldy sealants in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Mold on walls, or in corners of rooms

These are small jobs that mount up over time and eventually turn into big situations that will need a professional to take care of.

Green the garden up a little bit. While having a mostly slabbed or graveled backyard is great for keeping it neat, tidy and works for all weathers, a little bit of green will be to your advantage. Prospective buyers might like a grassy patch that they can work with. A garden with either all grass or all stone is off-putting. A little bit of landscaping in the garden gives the impression of care and love – making it appear as more than just a house, but a potential home.

Add a feature

While you might be tempted to pop a bird bath in the center of the lawn and consider it done, what you should be considering is something like a pool. While your initial thought will be of the upkeep, then it might also be nice to think the long summer evenings you can spend lounging in the pool. Have a look for a fiberglass pools dealer and get the low-down on everything a pool can bring to you.

Add another feature

You don’t have to add them both (or all) at the same time, but think about either a front porch, some decking or a conservatory. If you already have those, start thinking outside the box – exposed beams, vaulted ceilings or perhaps a working fireplace. Keep the feature in tune with the rest of the house concerning style and period so that it doesn’t look like an afterthought but rather a gorgeous addition.

If you have a long front lawn but have to park your car either on the street or in a garage away from the property, consider creating some parking closer to the front door of the property. You will have to be compliant with your local authority regulations, and check that you have the right of way to cross on any land that you don’t own – like grass verges. However, that little touch will lower your car insurance, and that is an attractive prospect for the next owners too.

Look at the layout of the property, could you create more storage spaces?

Here are a few places to consider adding a little door or some shelves:

  • End of corridors, either side of a protruding chimney breast (otherwise known as dead space)
  • Under the stairs
  • Under sinks, around or next to cisterns, under or around the bath

Adding extra storage bumps up the available space for prospective buyers and yourself.

Work on the structural issues

You are probably going to be able to do half of these yourself, and the other half is likely to need a professional. While it might be tempting to use a cosmetic solution and ‘paper over the cracks’ you’re better off getting them fixed properly.

  • Damp, this can be a very costly thing to ignore. You can begin treating it and see if it improves, if not hire someone.
  • Any crack in the walls
  • Sagging, leaking roof or any cracks or damage on it
  • If you are prone to getting ants, or anything insects, then get that taken care of.

Rather than thinking about getting an extension, look at the size of the roof space you could turn into another room. Overall it costs less and could provide a lot more space than an extension would have afforded you.

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