Adding A Victorian Fireplace to Your Home: A Guide

Throughout the centuries, fireplaces have been the heart of many living rooms and bedrooms, which were heated by roaring open fires.

While the introduction of gas fires and heating systems have provided homeowners with more options, many people still favor a traditional fireplace in their home, which can keep a winter chill at bay.

Of course, few designs can compare to a stunning Victorian fireplace, which will be full of history and character. Read this informative guide to adding a Victorian fireplace into your home.

Find the Perfect Design

To ensure your home impresses every guest who walks through your doors, you must aim to find a stunning Victorian fireplace, which will quickly become a focal point in your living room, dining room or even your bedroom. If you are unsure about where to find the best option for your needs, you should visit Westland London to choose from a wide array of antique fireplaces from the Victorian era.

Installing an Antique Fireplace

Installing a Victorian fireplace doesn’t need to be difficult. You’ll first need to remove any blocks that cover an opening. Next, you’ll need to uncover the hearth, or you may need to rebuild it if it has been removed.

The next step will be to build timber shuttering, which should then be filled with a concrete mix of one-part cement and five parts ballast. You should then level the mixture with a float.

A metal insert must then be inserted, and the fireplace surround will typically keep it in place. Most fireplaces will, however, have holes located underneath a mantelpiece, which will make it simple to secure it onto a wall.

To easily attach the fireplace surround to a wall, you should use four fixing plates, which should be screwed to the back of the surround before being fitted onto a wall. You should then use a filler to secure the surround and tile the hearth.

If this sounds complicated, you’ll be happy to know most builders can complete the above steps in as little as a day.

Protect Your Flooring

Before you install a Victorian fireplace into your home, you must take steps to protect your flooring. For example, ash and wood can make its way onto your floor, which could destroy your carpet or hardwood flooring. You can, however, protect your flooring when creating a roaring fire by placing a rug in front of a fireplace and adding a screen to surround a fire.

Choose a Chimney Sweeper

Both tar and soot can accumulate inside the flues gradually, which can be a hazard if left untreated. Every homeowner who installs an antique fireplace must ensure the flues are swept annually, which will remove blockages and combustible soot deposits. To do so, you will need to find and hire an experienced chimney sweeper, who can prevent a potential fire hazard.

So, if you want to incorporate a beautiful Victorian fireplace into your home, bear the above tips in mind to select and install the right design.

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