Adorn Your Inner World with These Artificial Fireplaces for Your Home

You can turn even the dullest room into a cozy retreat- all thanks to the fireplaces. The dancing glow of the warm fire swears to provide you a sigh of relief during those freezing winter mornings and evenings and ohh…. the family stories. The wood-burning fireplaces have been around for quite a long time. Yet, contemporary house owners generally don’t consider these as an option for their home. They think of giving their home a new style, and a gas log, electric, or ethanol fireplace is an ideal choice for them. These are convenient, cost-efficient, and at the same time, works in providing a trendy luxury to your home sweet home.

Yes, interior designs all across the globe claim that these artificial fireplaces pledge to provide supplemental heating, an ambiance, and an alluring focal point. But, a factor that deserves your keen attention is that not all artificial fireplaces have a heat-providing function. Although some may come with heat output, their purpose lies in providing a traditional fireplace’s look. They have aesthetic functioning, and manufacturers group these into three types- gel, electric, and gas fireplaces. Stick onto us while we unveil diverse artificial fireplaces and their exemplary usage:

Gas Log Fireplaces for Ample Heat and Real Flames:

One of the most energy-efficient ways of making your room warm is none other than the gas log fireplaces. These use liquid propane or natural gas, which in turn requires professional help for installation. You can choose from either a vented or a ventless model. But, the experts recommend using a direct-vent model for drawing the outdoor air, feeding the fire, and venting out the combustion gases. Consider the ventless models if you are eyeing energy savings since this drops the heat loss from a chimney. You can make use of a pilot light for starting these fireplaces by flipping a switch.

Electric Fireplaces for a Realistic Look and Ultimate Safety:

The electric fireplaces work well in creating realistic flames for giving you a sense of warmth and the ambiance a wood fire needs. These come with a heat output, drawing the air and then passing it over a heating coil while pushing the warm air into your room. Some electric fireplaces also make use of infrared heating systems. Yes, their radiant heat helps in warming people and furniture. These fireplaces also do not need venting since they do not burn fuel.  Apart from this, visiting this page would be ideal if you are into Antique Fireplaces.

You can select an electric fireplace based upon their heating capacity, which you can measure in BTUs or based on the space they pledge to heat. Using an electric fireplace insert by MagikFlame is one of the best options since it is easy to clean, safe, cheap, and is easy to install- the best features you can ever find. The electric fireplaces provide the opportunity of choosing the size of your fire- all thanks to its variable flame control feature. All you’ve to do is plug the model into a wall outlet and watch your room get cozy in no time.

Gel-based Fireplaces for Simplicity and Gentle Warmth:

This classification of fireplaces are popping out eyes since only a recent time but has gained immense popularity owing to its ease over the traditional wood-burning fireplace. The decorative gel in these fireplaces makes use of alcohol or ethanol-based gel for fueling the flame.

Cut open the can and remove the label for starting the fire. Inside the fireplace, you will notice the concrete log. Place the can behind it. Light the fuel in the fireplace by using a wand lighter or a long match. You can also make use of three to four fuel cans for lighting a fire. Gel-based fireplaces are desirable because these burn without creating ashes, smoke, or soot, and they are ventless units. These are easy to install and have flammable fuel.

The gel and gas fireplaces often have a questionable use wherein they work in creating an ambiance without the risk of fire and emissions. The electric fireplaces work wonders in having a heating capability and are safe owing to the only-flame effect. Create moments of best creation in your favorite home with these artificial fireplaces.

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