Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Plaster On Your Walls

Plaster is generally heard of as an older method of coating walls. Plaster was changed by drywall due to how widely available it became, so you may find plaster on older buildings such as historic houses. Plaster albeit an old art it still brings a variety of advantages for homeowners. You may be wondering what advantages can a plaster coating provide to your home or building walls? Then let me provide you the advantages and disadvantages of plaster:



Perhaps the strongest advantage you can find when it comes to plaster is the durability it offers. Plaster when applied gives off a chemical reaction as its water evaporates, this causes plaster to become much more durable. In these modern times, you can add a metal lath or tough backing boards, which will provide your plastered wall a much more durable solution. Plaster applied over resistant backing can cause it to last longer than it has in historical houses, due to older backing being made of thin wooden lath.

Plaster Walls Are Solid & Thicker

Plaster, when applied, provides a solid and durable surface, this can be painted over to provide your style to the wall. Plaster is moss resistant, so you can paint over it without worrying about ruining your walls. Another important thing to consider regarding plaster is that if the wall is thick enough it can even become soundproof.

Plaster Is Easy To Clean

Due to its solid nature plaster is very easy to clean up, even the harder spots. Because plaster’s surface doesn’t crack you can always clean it up with confidence knowing you are causing no damage. Plaster has been used as a wall coating material for a very long time, and it is still being used due to its durability and other great benefits.

A More Elegant Look

Plaster is fantastic to provide your home with a classier style. Plaster has been used for a very long time, and it is used by people that want to give their home or building an antique look. Whenever it comes to having an elegant wall plaster is a great choice.


Painting On Plaster Can Be Hard

Painting on plaster is a great idea, but not an easy one because of its porous nature. Plaster is solid and great for painting, yet you may need more than two coats to reach your desired result. Plaster can be a great idea but it may need a bit more patience if you are looking to paint it up.

Repairing Plaster Can Be Expensive

Finding a professional plaster company may be harder than it sounds, which makes the overall value of repairing plaster higher. On most repair cases you may need to remove a large portion of plaster from the wall so you can work on repairs.

More Expensive Than Drywall

Not always yet plaster can be more expensive than drywall. This always depends on where you are located or your provider, but generally, plaster can end up being more expensive than drywall coating.

In Conclusion

Plaster is an excellent choice to put on your walls because it will surely provide a more elegant appeal to your home. It is highly recommended to consult with a professional plasterer before applying plaster or DIY because it is better to be properly prepared before applying plaster. Plaster is excellent and very durable but needs to be applied properly to ensure you gain its maximum durability.

There are a variety of both traditional and modern methods when it comes to working with plaster. For example, modern solutions such as Fibrelime give a different look, appeal, and durability than the one you get from the traditional lathe or haired plaster. Plastering is taken as a form of art, and many professionals can achieve wonderful results when it comes to plastering.

When It Comes To Plastering It Is Better To Leave It To A Professional!

Getting a reliable professional to work on your wall’s plaster is an excellent idea. KG Plastering has been doing excellent and high-quality plastering services for already more than 15 years. If you are looking for efficient and professional plastering, performed only with the highest quality products then KG Plastering is surely your best choice.

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