Advice for Attending a Music Festival When You Have Dysphagia

Advice for Attending a Music Festival When You Have Dysphagia

It is almost time to start dreaming about summer, along with everything great that summer brings. With the pandemic very slowly becoming a distant background, many of us around the world are being freed up to do the things we enjoy again, which is more than likely encouraging a lot of enthusiasm for summer plans, such as music festivals!

However, for some people, even the daily things can be difficult, such as swallowing, which can make it difficult for plans such as these to be worry-free. But do not worry! There are steps you can take so you can enjoy your day just like everyone else.

Read this piece for some advice on attending a music festival when you have the swallowing disorder dysphagia.

Understand Your Limitations

One of the difficult parts of having any disorder is understanding the limitations that you might be faced with A) in general and B) when you are not in the comforts of your own home. It can be difficult to go to a music festival and see everyone eating their favorite foods from all of the different street vendors, but knowing your limitations will help keep you safe and allow you to have an enjoyable experience. The severity of the dysphagia disorder you have will determine what you can eat or drink safely, and only you truly know what that is – so exercise caution and do not give in to any peer pressure. Dysphagia can be difficult at the best of times, so do not put yourself in a dangerous situation, particularly if it would be much more difficult to find help or get home.

Come Prepared

As with anyone dealing with a disorder or living a life not common to the norm will know, preparation is key. Unfortunately, the world is not able to think about all of the conditions that exist, let alone cater for them, so coming prepared yourself means you will be able to adapt to any situation in your own way. An example of this could be bringing a SimplyThick individual EasyMix packet or two with you whenever you leave the tent. This means if you do come across a drink you would really like, you can simply mix in the thickener and go. You do not have to miss out, but this makes it much easier and safer for you to drink what you want without much further additional effort.

Know Where Emergency Aid Is

Knowing where emergency aid is should be everyone’s priority in case something goes wrong. You do not want to be losing out on precious time trying to locate the medical professionals in a state of emergency. That being said, due to the nature of the condition of dysphagia, not knowing where an emergency point is is not an option. If you start to choke for whatever reason, you need someone there as quickly as possible to help get you the medical attention you need, and knowing where this is can put your mind at ease.

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