Aesthetic Apartment Renovations You Can Probably Do Yourself

Aesthetic Apartment Renovations You Can Probably Do Yourself

If you have an apartment and you want to do some renovations then you’ll probably feel as though you have to ask your landlord for permission before you go ahead. This is completely right, and in some instances, they may turn you down because they don’t want to pay for the work to get done. It is more than possible for you to do some of the renovations yourself, and this is a great way for you to get around this situation. If you are good at DIY, your landlord will probably have no problem with you doing this, so take a look to see what renovations you could probably get away with doing yourself.

DIY Apartment Renovations

Painting Your Walls

Almost every landlord will be alright with you painting your walls and your apartment. The main thing that they tend to have a problem with is if you paint them black or any dark colour. You will also want to avoid any colours or paints that make it difficult to go over, or this could lead to you losing your deposit.


You should also have no problem in swapping out some of the light fixtures that are in your home as well. The only thing that you have to do here is make sure that you keep the original light fixtures because then you can just re-install them when you move out. This also gives you the chance to take the fixtures that you paid for with you as well. When you are installing the new light fixtures, do make sure that you turn off the electricity first. If you don’t do this then you will end up putting the whole apartment at risk. You may even want to hire an electrician to do this for you because when you do, you know that everything will be done properly and you won’t risk anything with the deposit either. Most landlords will be okay with you changing the fixtures, but do make sure that you keep the originals just in case something does go wrong.

Removable Wallpaper

If you want to redecorate but your landlord doesn’t want you to then you’ll be glad to know that a lot of wallpapers are now very easy to remove. You don’t even need to use an adhesive residue because a lot of wallpapers can be peeled back and then stuck on to a completely different wall without leaving any traces behind. This is a great compromise between you and your landlord, and you may even find that you can take the paper with you if you want and the original state of the house won’t be compromised at all. The main reason why landlords don’t like you to change the wallpaper is because it is very hard to peel off and you may even have to invest in a wallpaper steamer to try and get the glue off as well. With non-adhesive wallpaper, you can really eliminate all of these problems.

Old Tiles

A rent house is a great way for you to save money on your monthly expenses, but there is a high chance that the condition of the property won’t be up to your standards. If you know that there is a lot of old tile throughout the house then instead of replacing the tile, try and get a tile refinishing kit. This will help you to restore the tiles back to their former glory and you won’t run into problems with your landlord either. They won’t be able to say anything because you didn’t replace the tile and they also won’t be able to say anything about your deposit either. This is one of the best ways for you to get the result you want out of your home without upsetting your landlord by replacing everything in the property.

Bathroom Mirrors

If you have a bathroom medicine cabinet that is not built into the wall then why not consider replacing it with something that makes a bit more of a statement? Bathroom cabinets are very easy to unscrew and your landlord may even be happy for you to remove it as well. If your landlord wants to keep the cabinet then ask them if they would mind if you took it down, but put it back up after your tenancy is over. This is a very easy way for you to spruce up the bathroom and it is also a great way for you to make the bathroom look much bigger as well. As a general rule, if it is a small house improvement, your landlord generally won’t have a problem with it.

Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have really dated kitchen cabinets in your home? There’s really nothing worse and your landlord won’t have a problem if you do decide to paint them. Talk with them about this first, but if you go with a neutral color then it’s usually guaranteed to be okay. They probably won’t want you ripping out the entire kitchen and replacing the doors, especially if there is nothing wrong with them, but a good coat of paint is never a problem. If you are painting it a brighter color when compared to the color that is already present then make sure that you prime it before applying your coat. This will help to make sure that the color below does not show through, and it can also save you a ton of money in the future.

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