All About Carpet Cleaning – Its Types, Services And Techniques

All About Carpet Cleaning - Its Types, Services And Techniques

Carpets are soft, warm, colourful underfoot assets, to any house. If you have invested on long lasting quality carpet, you will surely take good care. Carpets are made of thick fabric with upper layers attached to a back cloth. They are used for comfort and warmth. Before getting into carpet cleaning Adelaide let understand that they beautify  the interiors of your house. But because they are used for floor covering, they get dirty and frayed. A process performed to remove dirt, allergens and stains from carpet using hot water extractions, vacuum cleaners or by dry cleaning can be termed as Carpet Cleaning.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

It is a hot water extraction cleaning. This method requires high pressure hot water to remove and dissolve dirt from the carpet. Type of cleaning involves application of cleaning substance on the affected area, removing dirt using a brush and lastly followed by rinsing it. To rinse the washing agent, a carpet cleaning equipment is used. Once it is thoroughly washed, it is left to dry. If you think this is too much for you to handle, you can use Blaine Carpet Cleaning services to make it easier for you.

 Using Shampoo

This method is less popular than others because of some disadvantages. While shampooing, some of the solution is left behind, creating a residue on the carpet when dry. That residue attracts dirt making the carpet get dirty again more quickly. Therefore, shampooing a carpet forces you to go over the carpet again with clean water only to get all the shampoo solution out.


This cleaning technique has overtaken the shampooing technology. As compared to shampooing, this technique requires less water for cleaning, resulting in quick drying. This technique has shown good results.

Cleaning the Bonnet

This method is popularly used in hotels because it gives a quick fix solution. The carpet can be cleaned in areas with heavy public Traffic. The process involves only cleaning the top layer of the carpet fibre using motorized machines with a spinning pad to extract dirt from the carpet surface. Because this method does not clean the carpet deeply, dirt emerges back to the surface very quickly.

Dry Cleaning

One of the latest techniques popular in the market is dry carpet cleaning. It is also called compound cleaning. This carpet cleaning is safe for all types of carpets. The dry carpet cleaning involves application of cleaning compound or powder into the base of the carpet with the help of motorized rotating brush. It results in deep cleaning.

Services Provided by Carpet Cleaning Companies

The carpet cleaning companies offer a wide range of services for your homes and business places. They come up with a complete menu of Carpet cleaning services for big and small business units, houses providing the best quality of work. They are equipped with eco-friendly supplies and skilled workers / technicians to give you a thorough, deep clean healthy atmosphere.

Cleaning Commercial Carpets

These companies provide a healthy business environment by cleaning cubicles, and workplaces from floor to ceiling that are fibre covered.

 Cleaning Rugs

Whether at home or any other business unit, these  cleaners come up with specialised tools and equipment to clean your rugs adopting the drying process.

There professionally trained workers clean the rugs without leaving any dirt attraction residue. The rugs look fresh and vibrant after cleaning.

 Cleaning Corporate Furniture

These companies also help in cleaning office furniture with less water usage. Upholstered furniture, like chairs and sofas, get soiled quickly in high traffic office spaces. Therefore, having them professionally cleaned is the best way to go.

 Service For Clean Up Water Damage

These companies also provide professionals that clean up the water damage. Many times the carpet gets damaged due to burst pipe or flood and leakage. These companies extract water and excess moisture from the carpet and help in quick drying.


Hence, if you are looking for carpet cleaners, search on the Internet to find out the best carpet cleaning company that suits your needs.


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