All About Gate Lock With Key

Anteriorly humans have to struggle and fight with nature to survive. But in modern times, people are more affected by other people than quality. And so, different kind of security system is invented. A gate lock with key is one of them.

What is Gate Lock With Key System

A key lock is a mechanical fastening device that is opened by a key, and a key is needed to open or lock it. Typical keys have two parts: the bit and the bow. Key is a piece of metal having a unique shape in its bit or blade.

The lock can be opened only by the key has the correct pattern. Thus, only people having the right key will get access to a secured place.

Mechanism of different Gate Lock with key

Different kind of locks has different principles. A few are mentioned below-

Ward Lock: Obstructions are used in the ward locks. So a wrong key can not open the lock. Only the right key fits over a cylindrical post of the lock. Then the key can rotate about a pivot point. When notches align with the wards, the key can freely move and let the lock open.

Pin Tumbler Lock: Varying lengths pins are used to prevent this lock from opening. The gaps between the key pins and driver pins are aligned with the plug edge when the right key is inserted. Consequently, the plug can rotate freely, and the lock is unlocked.

Wafer Tumbler Lock: Flat wafers cut in different shapes are used in wafer tumbler locks. Usually, the wafers are pushed below by springs. It prevents the plug from rotating. When the right key is drawn inside, the wafers are raised at the perfect height. Thus when unobstructed, the key along with the crackers and plug can rotate.

Lever Tumbler Lock: This kind of locks use levers set to keep the boat stationary. There are a few types of lever tumbler lock—for example, three-lever locks and five-lever locks. In general, only the right key lifts the tumblers at a certain height, so that there is a path for moving the bolt.

Magnetic Coded Lock: Three mandatory points must be fulfilled to open this kind of locks. The key has to have correct teething along with magnetic pins in the exact location with the right pole.

How to Open a Lock With Key?

To open the lock, one must have the right key. The lock can be opened only by inserting the right key in the right direction and rotating it to the right or left.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Key Lock

In comparison with other lock systems, the key lock has a few advantages. Some advantages are given here-

  • Simple & less expensive
  • No power failure risk as electric combination locks and biometric locks have
  • No risk of forgetting password or combination

Besides, it has a few lacking too.

  • Management of the key is a big issue. Key in the wrong hand may cause significant harm.
  • In some cases, biometric and electric locks are faster than key locks.

Buying Proper Lock:

Every lock has a recommendation for the door thickness. The length of the deadbolt should be according to the strength and depth of the door. The metal of lock is also an issue.

Different locks are available at the shop. Iron made locks may be prone to rust and weathering. Thus, bronze or steel made locks may be used. Abrasion resistance and chemical resistance of the metal of lock should also be checked.

Anti-bump, anti-drill, or anti-pick featured locks are more advantageous. Before buying a lock, grades should be checked. There are different grades, such as ANSI or BHMA grades.

End Notes

Gate lock with are the most familiar locks used from ancient times. Nowadays, new mechanisms have arrived, but this should be used according to the necessity to get the highest utility. The thickness of the gate and the environment should be considered while buying a lock. And also, the lock should be installed by an experienced locksmith at the proper place.


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