All That You Need to Know About Hatbands But Didn’t Know Before!

All That You Need to Know About Hatbands But Didn’t Know Before!

Hatbands are decorative bands that are tied around the crown of your hat. They usually have a width of 1 inch to 1.5 inches. In other words, you can even call it a belt meant for your hat. Hatbands go well with hats like a Fedora, Cowboy, Panamanian, Straw, Floppy Sun hat, and Boater hats. As such, a hat adds a statement to your attire. When you pair your hat with the right hatband, which complements your jewelry or the color of your eyes, then the whole look changes drastically. Another reason behind these bands’ rising popularity is that they transform an old hat instantly and infuse new life into it. Many of you might be having hats that you do not like using anymore or have gotten bored. Yet you haven’t thrown them away. It’s time you bring them out and give them a facelift so that you can flaunt them again and gather praise. All you would need are some hatbands. Now, how will you know where to begin? Do not worry. We are here to help.

Why did a hatband come into being?

A hatband was introduced to adjust the hat size so that it sat perfectly on the wearer’s head. Its other purpose was to hide the stitch that joined the crown with the brim of the hat. But now, as days have evolved, so has the fashion sense of people. These hatbands have now become decorative accessories that accentuate not only the look of a hat but also, on the whole, the entire clothing.

Why should you buy hatbands?

If you are a hat lover, you should have a whole collection of these bands. Or you may be a person who possesses a couple of hats and likes to wear them occasionally. Even then, you should get some of these hatbands.

Changing the hatbands alters the overall look of the same hat. It personalizes your hat all the more, which depicts your sense of style and fashion taste. One hat, when worn with different hatbands, can create myriad style options. Wear it with a matching earring or a bracelet and wait for the others to notice the effect. Be prepared to enjoy the limelight of the event to which you will be wearing a unique hatband.

Types of hatbands available in the market

Beaded hatbands

These hatbands are handcrafted, and you can wear them with any hat. Beads trading has a long history. It is assumed that man learned language due to beads trading. You can get these bands both in the women’s and mens hat bands section. They are customizable, and you can choose from various designs and color options.

Imitation alligator hatbands

Usually, leather hides of bovine origin are used to make alligator hatbands. They are printed and given such a finish that it exactly imitates a real reptile skin. You also get actual alligator skin, but they are much more costly and limited in terms of availability.

Bone hatbands

Earlier elk rib bones were used to make long hair pipe beads. But today, these beads are made from the bones of animals like camels, cows, and sheep. These beads are joined together with elastic string to form a hatband.

Concho hatbands

They are like metal ornaments (often made with real silver) and have an oval or round shape. Concho hatbands are either handmade or stamped. They are also sometimes inlaid with stones.

Feather hatbands

Feathers act as a decorative accessory for many things like earrings, hair adornments, carnival masks, and even hats. The colorful tail and body feathers of birds like turkeys, guinea fowl, pheasants, and similar other birds are the most commonly used decorative feathers for hatbands.

Horsehair hatbands

Horsehairs of its mane and tail are long and coarse. It makes it easy to braid them and use the braid as a hatband. These hatbands give an earthy and robust appearance to their wearers.

Leather hatbands

A luxury item indeed, leather hatbands, no doubt, are exquisite. If you opt for a leather hatband, be ready to take care of it to maintain its shine and luster.

Snakeskin hatband

Another extraordinary hatband is the snakeskin hatband. Snakeskin is ornately patterned, especially the skin of a rattlesnake. The skin, in this case, is either the shed skin or the skin of a dead snake. They, too, are eye-catchers.

Other than these hatbands, you also get suede hatbands, ostrich hatbands, braided leather bands, and many more.

Is there any etiquette to be followed?

Yes, there are etiquettes to be followed while wearing a hat with a hatband, just like you need to keep in mind certain things while wearing a cowboy hat. If your hatband possesses a decorative item or has a focal point (a buckle or a bow), it is usually expected of the men to wear the hat with the decorative item on the left side and the women on the right side.


Now, you have gained much knowledge about the hatbands, and you can quite well guide yourself through a hat store to buy the right hatband for your hat.

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