Aluminium Doors Sydney- What Are The Different Types?

Aluminium Doors Sydney- What Are The Different Types

Do you want to transform the unused wall space to make your house look larger? Many homeowners turn these unused wall spaces into doors, to provide an additional access point to the outdoors, this gives the impression of more interior space and brightens up the home with more natural light. If you want the best material for your home and maximum benefits without breaking the bank, then aluminium doors Sydney are the best option and Beta View are the leading aluminium doors manufacturer.

Some home owners may have sliding or stacking doors and  wanting to renovate or upgrade. There are many options you can choose from the materials such as aluminium, wood and UVC.Among all these options why aluminium should be on the top of the list? Here are the reasons –

  •     It is strong and durable
  •     It is light in weight
  •     Less prone to corrosion
  •     Flexible in terms of design
  •     Insulated
  •     Recyclable

 Types Of Aluminium Doors

There are three types of aluminium doors that you can use for your home- sliding, stacker and bifold. All these have the same benefits but the right one depends on a few factors like cost, space and design preferences.

Sliding Doors

These are the perfect all around solution. They provide an opening that brings in natural light and fresh air. Aluminium sliding doors are old time favorites as they open easily and give an unhindered view. Their installation is also very easy. They can be designed for any shape and size opening. You can select from a variety of colours for your sliding doors.

Stacker Doors

These doors are made for large openings and allow more light and provide more space overall. The design is space efficient and allows multiple panels to be stacked using tracks. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions yet they can still give the best views and natural light all year round. They are also handcrafted and made to fit.

Bifold Doors

They are great for transforming workspaces to grand entry doors. They are a good option for homeowners who regularly entertain by providing a seamless entryway from the outdoor space to the inside, by remaining opened fully.

Cost Of These Doors

The cost of these aluminium doors depend on many factors such as configuration and size, quality, quantity, installation, hardware cost and glass options. Among the three types of aluminium doors , the cheapest option is the sliding doors since they require less amount of labour and material. The price range of sliding doors installation is between dollar 2500 to dollar 3900.

Stacker doors are mid range aluminium doors and are more expensive than sliding doors as they use more panels. They can cost between dollar 3200 to dollar 6300 in installation.

The most expensive are the bifold doors because of their complex manufacturing. They are the most durable among the three aluminium door options, the high prices are arguably justified. If you want to install bifold doors, get ready to spend between dollar 5500 – dollar 9000.

Talk to Professionals

To get a clear estimate, it is recommended that you consult with a trusted installer. Betaview is the top manufacturer and installer of aluminium doors and windows since 1986. Betaview has been delivering high quality work for those who are wanting to give their homes and commercial spaces an elegant touch. The products used are handcrafted to meet the exact requirements of the client and there are a lot of options from which you can choose. With Betaview aluminium doors you also enjoy a 10 year installation warranty.

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