An Expert Guide for Decoding Varieties of Hemp Flower Plants

Till last year, Mrs. D’Souza was struggling with her chronic joint pain issue. Despite all the advanced treatments, she was still unable to heal completely. As a result, her son decided to opt for alternative treatment by using cannabis plant-based products. Here is an article from on what are the health benefits of cannabis

However, being an amateur, he found it difficult to choose the right medicine for his mother. Scrolling through online products offering brands like cheefbotanicals, he finally found the right guide to differentiate between different types of hemp-based products. Determined to help his mother, he immediately placed an order.

Consequently, within the first 6 months of consuming these medicinal plant-based pills, Mrs. D’Souza started showing positive signs of recovery. Perhaps, the life-enhancing drug worked wonders in saving her from the chronic joint pain.

While Mrs. D’Souza’s son found the right product, there have been many instances of wrong product selection which have proved harmful for their consumers. Perhaps, the lack of proper knowledge often results in wrong product choices.

Thus, this guide is specifically addressed to such amateur consumers who find it difficult to differentiate between basic hemp plant varieties. But before that, let’s start with the basics of differentiating these plants from marijuana. So that you won’t confuse yourself further.

How can one differentiate marijuana from hemp?

Well, the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) acts as a key differentiator between the two elements. To elaborate, marijuana has about 30% THC content which is the primary reason why its user experiences the high feel after an intake of marijuana.

On the contrary, the bioactive compound has only about 0.3% of THC content. Thus, a user never experiences a high feeling on the consumption of this health supplement. Besides, in comparison to marijuana, this organic drug is filled with loads of medicinal properties.

Therefore, before buying a plant-based product, make it a point to check its THC content. Additionally, you can also visit to gain detailed insights into this concept. Perhaps, by reading this resource, you are sure to be a pro at differentiating hemp plants from marijuana.

We hope by now you have got a fair idea about the basic difference between the two. Having said that, let’s proceed to decode plant varieties.

Types of Hemp Flower Plants

There are three broad categorizations of the Hemp Plant that we all are aware of. Let us have a close look at them and see how they are different from one another.

Cannabis sativa

The content of THC in this variety is less than 0.3%. The plant is usually tall and expected to be randomly branched out. It is high on grain and fiber but extremely low on THC. However, a lot of fiber and grain products as well as industrial products are made up of Cannabis Sativa.

Cannabis indica

As opposed to its counterpart Cannabis Sativa, this has poor quality of fiber and thus the usual purpose of it is in the recreation of medicines and drugs. However, these tend to have higher rates of THC. The plant is short, conical and is densely branched. Depending on the strain, the THC concentration in it could be around 18% to 38%.

Cannabis ruderalis

This is also known as the auto-flowering plant; it will end up producing flowers on the basis of its age rather than photoperiod.  You can read more about it here if you wish to broaden your understanding about this species. Cannabis Ruderalis is usually thick and just 1.5 to 2.5 ft tall.

Now that we have understood various types of Hemp flowers let us have a quick look at the most common consumption method of it.

Smoking: One of the most popular ways of intaking it is through smoking. Those who smoke in their regular life prefer this method as it is easy. You can get cigarettes with 100% hemp flower from Oklahoma Smokes.

Vaping: Vaping is yet another way to consume it. E cigarette is often preferred over smoke because it affects the lungs quickly without the smoke, so it’s a win-win. Those who do not smoke tend to opt for this method.

CBD Oil: CBD oil or delta-8 oil is used by applying to the skin, taken orally, or added to a beverage (such a smoothie).

Capsules: Capsules are taken orally.

With this understanding of the hemp flower, we hope you have learnt something more today. Do not forget to take an expert opinion whenever you decide to use it in near future.

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