Are Metal Buildings Safe to Live In?

Are Metal Buildings Safe to Live In

Metal has been used for many years in industrial buildings without concerns or hazardous consequences. In fact, construction beams in domestic properties are often metal. However, the idea of creating metal homes still raises a multitude of issues and concerns.

That leads to the question of whether metal buildings are safe to live in.

The simple answer is yes!

Metal Is Strong

Metal is stronger than wood and most other building materials. When properly coated it is effectively rust-resistant and can last for years with very little, if any care. As a bonus, you’ll find that metal buildings are also very easy to construct. Much of the work is completed off-site by metalworking professionals such as, and the panels are bolted together on-site, allowing fast construction when needed.

Don’t worry, your metal building doesn’t need to look like a giant container. In fact, it can look just like a traditional wooden home if you wish!


A metal building is created offsite which means that every panel is created to an exact standard. It’s easy to confirm that the entire building meets the same safety and strength regulations because all panels are made and tested in the same way.

Once bolted together a metal house can withstand hurricane weather, making them stronger and safer than any wooden house.

Don’t forget that it’s a lot harder to set the metal on fire than wood. In fact, metal doesn’t burn, it has to get really hot for it to melt. Your metal home will give you more time to escape in the event of a fire and could even survive the hottest bush fires.

No Infestations

If you have a wooden home you need to be constantly alert for pest infestations. Specifically, termites can destroy the structural integrity of any home in a surprisingly short space of time. This isn’t an issue for metal homes. They aren’t attacked by pests and are unaffected by mold and mildew.

That means you’ll have more time to enjoy your home as opposed to spending time maintaining it.


Metal buildings are much harder to break into, especially if you decide to skip the windows and just have steel panels. This makes them the perfect option for creating safe rooms or secure storage areas. These can be connected to your home or free-standing.

They need very little maintenance daily and won’t even need to be repainted or coated every couple of years.

The best part is that the house can still be colored whatever color you wish, it’s simply fabricated that way!

Of course, you’ll need to invest a little time in visually inspecting your metal home. Damage can expose the inner metal to the elements increasing the chances of rust occurring. However, with a little regular maintenance, your metal house can survive longer than your wooden home, with less expenditure and providing more safety than a traditional home.

Before you build or buy your next home you should consider the power of metal, it may be the best investment you ever make.

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