Are There Keys That Cannot Be Duplicated?

Security throughout history has always been a highly demanded point by humanity. Everyone wants to protect their property against thieves. To achieve this, there is no choice but to upgrade and try to stay one step ahead of the thieves to prevent them from taking out a home. But the big question is, are there keys that cannot be duplicated?

Are there keys that cannot be duplicated: Myth or Truth?

The answer to this question is yes and no.

Well, to understand this, you need to know that there is no single key in the world. So, all keys can be duplicated. However, it is a trend today that there are “un-copyable keys.” These are a type of keys that cannot be copied anywhere.

We explain:

When acquiring one of these locks, the company gives you a card. This card cannot be lost for any reason. You should keep it very well since this will be how you can get a duplicate in case of loss or breakage. In this case, you can only get copies through the marketing company.

It should be noted that, at the time of wanting to buy this type of lock, the “non-copyable” condition will not be the same for all cases and models. Some use much safer techniques, while others less so. This is important, because the better the security method, the more security you will have.

The future of mechanical keys

The future for mechanical keys still has a set course with a great future ahead. First of all, it is essential to note that according to a recent study, it has been shown that 80% of the population cannot know if their key is a security key, can it be copied, or if it is a simple key. Therefore, we must avoid thinking that because a key is flat, and with holes, it can be very safe.

For now, everything points to the fact that keys cannot be copied.

The advantage is that during the first years of the lock’s life, you can rest assured that no intruder will be able to copy the key. Then, with time, possibly the thief will be able to find some technique that allows him to copy the key and, thus, open your lock.

As for its disadvantages, finding a copy will not always be easy for the owner of the lock. Since in case you need one, you must go to the company and wait for it to be manufactured and then send it to you. Possibly, the copy is not made at the time of the request, but it forces you to wait a few days. For this reason, you should think about the pros and cons of acquiring this type of lock.

Can digital keys be copied?

The digital world has not left behind the world of locksmithing. And it is that more and more people install digital locks on their properties. Besides, many people believe that with this type of technology, they have security. They also think digital keys are not among the keys that can be copied.

However, the reality is different. Well, as technologies grow, so do thieves. In this sense, we can assure you that digital keys can also be copied. This is because although many locks have codes that are continually changing, thieves can copy these codes and thus open the digital locks.

As this type of key, the same thing happens with the keys that are entered into your phones. These keys or codes can be copied like those of remote controls. So, remember to avoid downloading programs that can make a copy of your passwords without any problem.

If you are looking for the highest quality in terms of locks, you should buy a key to excellent quality. It should be modern and manufactured by a reputable company. However, you should not only focus on the model. Make sure you have a professional seller and that it is also a reliable business to feel 100% safe.

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