Are You Designing A Flyer for Your Business in 2020? Here’s How to Do It Right

Are you looking for a flyer design for your business? Now pay attention to some important things before suddenly jump into designing a flyer for your business. Do you remember the last time you have read a flyer? Have you ever really paid attention to any flyer? I have seen many people even don’t look at any flyer they get in the street, they throw it in seconds. So, do you also throw away those flyers?

However, I am sure sometimes you keep reading till the end of a flyer. Because the flyer may resonate with something you are looking for or it is nicely designed and attractive. Anyway, I will provide you all the information you will need to design a flyer in this article. Let’s get started

Guide for Designing A Flyer

Starting from the outline to the distribution of a flyer, you will get all the information in this post. I have made it super easy for designing a flyer for your business, follow me till the end.

Outline Your Flyer

Before you start designing your flyer directly, spend some time to outline your flyer. Here are some of the things that you need to be very specific. Pay attention to these factors and address them carefully.

The Objective of the Marketing Campaign

Be very clear about the reason behind the marketing campaign. Whether you want to spread awareness, launch a product, increase engagement, or anything else. Whatever may be the reason, be very specific about it.

The Objective of the Flyer

After you are ready with your main objective of the marketing campaign, now a flyer is the tool that will help you to fulfil your objective. The next thing is to be very specific about the flyer. What message it will spread to the audience?

Identify Your Target Audience

As you do research on who is your target audience for marketing any product. Define your ideal audience with whom you are going to share this flyer.

Define Your Key Message

What is the key message you want to spread in the flyer? You may have other information provided in the flyer. But what is that important message you want to share with your audience? Ensure that you highlight this message so that your audience can understand that this is the key message.

Specify Your Call to Action

Have clarity in your mind that, what action do you want from your audience. What would the audience do after reading the flyer? Whether they will sign up to your site, visit your social media page, or attend an upcoming event, etc.

The medium of Distribution

Decide how do you want to distribute your flyer? Whether you want to distribute it physically or digitally. Are you going to hand out the flyers in person, or you want to send it through email? Ensure these things beforehand how would you distribute your flyer.

Now you are ready with the outline of your flyer, the next step is to consider different design aspects.

Consider the Design Aspects

Once you are ready with your flyer outline, you need to consider different design aspects. Figure out the styles and content you are going to use in the flyer.

Colour of the Flyer: Choose a colon that suits your business industry or theme. For example, if your business is related to kids, then you can make your flyer bright and colourful. Another example, if your business is related to healthcare, then you can use green colour as your main background. However, choose a color according to your business and the purpose of the marketing campaign. If you are not sure then you can take help from professionals.

Decide the Brand Elements You Want to Add to the Flyer: Decide which are the brand elements that you want to include in the flyer. Elements like the brand logo, website URL, your tagline, etc. Decide what are those things that you want your audience need to remember to recognize you.

Visual Elements You Want to Add: What image you want to add to your flyer? Whether a photograph, icon, or cartoons, decide which type of visual elements you want to add to the flyer. Use appropriate images in your flyer to make it more attractive and appealing.

Decide the Size of Your Flyer: Generally, the size of flyers is A5 size. However, if you want to make something different you can choose a different size. Some brands use brochure size flyers, so choose a size that best fits your requirement.

Now you are ready with the design aspects, let’s design your flyer.

Designing Your Flyer

Once you are ready with your outline and design criteria it’s time to design your flyer. The first thing you are to design your flyer using graphic design software. If you don’t know about it, then you can hire a freelancer, or host a contest. Collect different styles and choose the best one. Make sure to proofread your flyer once it is ready for printing.

After that decide the number of copies that you want to print. If you want to send it digitally then you don’t need to worry about printing and distributing. You can share it in the email with a persuasive message.


Remember, you need to be careful before printing. Ensure that there are no typos or mistakes like wrong information. Double-check your contact info, location, website, date of events, etc. These things are very important, a small mistake can make all your effort go in vain. Finally, I hope the information in this article will help you design your flyer.

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