Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Garden?

Are you getting the most out of your backyard and love your garden? If you rarely spend much time utilizing your outside space, aim to change that when the spring and summer rolls back around. Your garden is a part of your home, and so it’s worth using every area and really making the most of what you have. Here are a few ways you can make improvements to get the best of your garden.

Are you getting the most out of your backyard? Here are a few ways you can make improvements to get the best of your garden and enjoy more this year.

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Tips to Help Your Love Your Garden

Make it perfect for entertaining

The garden might be a great spot for you to relax when the weather is mild, but it’s also perfect for entertaining. One of the best things about having your own home is being able to have friends and family over for food, drinks and great conversation. Once you reach an age where nightclubs and parties every weekend are no longer your thing, this is a good way to be able to spend time with people.

You can of course have dinner parties all year round, but when it’s warm outside it’s all about barbecues and garden parties like afternoon tea and picnics. Invest in a good grill, some sturdy seating and a heat source such as a patio heater or chiminea- ideal if your parties stretch on through to the evening. A good outdoor light will ensure everything is properly lit into the evenings. Keeping the garden clean and tidy and adding interest with pots of colorful flowers will make it a pleasant space for hosting guests.

Add privacy with a pergola

If your garden is badly overlooked, it can make you feel a little self conscious sitting out there. It can really spoil the way you enjoy your garden, but there are things you can do to. Pergolas looks beautiful, and can help to conceal you from overlooking neighbors.

Grow some climbing roses or ivy to surround it, and add hanging baskets and tall potted plants to conceal your seating area. Another way you can add privacy to your garden is to see if there are any ‘blind spots’ where you’re not directly overlooked. If so, move your seating or lounging area to this space. Growing large trees at the bottom of your garden can be an option providing it’s big enough, otherwise they can affect your home’s foundations with their roots and can also block out light. If you have a long garden that’s overlooked from the bottom, a ‘wall’ of trees can be an effective way to give you privacy.

Include a standout feature

Does your garden look a little bland and boring? It might be nicely maintained, but does it feel like it’s missing something? Adding one or two features can really add personality. It could be a water feature with some cool lighting, or even a sculpture of some kind. You could add some raised beds, or even put a large garden clock on the wall. You could even experiment with topiary. It all depends on the size and type of vibe you want to create- do you want to add interest to your ultra modern, low maintenance yard, or is it more of a lush secret garden? Look on Pinterest for gardening design ideas, and have a think about what would work best in your space.

Make it a haven for wildlife

As humans, we’ve bulldozed huge areas of natural land to build our houses, and as a result the wildlife can suffer. There are small things we can all do to help insects and animals thrive- remembering that this was their home first! Add a pond which gives lots of types of creatures drinking water, and is a place for amphibians like frogs to breed. If your garden is a little larger, consider leaving an area of it wild, insects and animals will enjoy the long grass, unlike a manicured lawn. Something we can (and should) all be doing is feeding the birds.

Over the colder months when the ground freezes and their natural food sources dry up, they actively rely on humans for survival. Some bird seed and a feeder is super inexpensive, if your budget is bigger a bird table and/ or bird bath make quirky features and also help the wildlife. Use fertilizers and pesticides that are wildlife friendly. In some cases you can encourage biological control. Use certain flowers to attract species into the garden that naturally feast on the pests.

Do you make the most of your outside space? What upgrades will you be making this year? Hope these tips inspired you to start planning so you’ll be able to love your garden more.

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