Are You Planning the Best Corporate Party Ever? Here are Some Unbeatable Theme Ideas


Are You Planning the Best Corporate Party Ever Here are Some Unbeatable Theme IdeasMost of us can agree that the past two years have been incredibly challenging – but now that we’re nearing the end of it (if we’re not already there), we can all breathe a big sigh of relief and go back to our lives we somehow put ‘on hold’ during the pandemic – and this includes the gatherings and social events! Of course, no one can deny that we’ve missed them, and even those dull corporate affairs are a welcome change from being stuck at home. But if you’re set on planning the next big gathering for your team and would like to make the event extra spectacular, you couldn’t go wrong with a unique theme – and needless to say, the grander the theme, the better! So are you planning and organising the best corporate party ever? Here are some unbeatable theme ideas.

A food truck event

Whilst we’ve all been stuck at home, most of us missed eating out! For sure, everyone is tired of getting takeaway – not because the food doesn’t taste good (it does) but because we miss eating and socialising with other people. And what better way to bring people together and enjoy great food than to have a food truck event? Food trucks almost went away for good because of the pandemic, but this time, they’re back with a vengeance and getting popular again as we speak. With a food truck event, you can bring a variety of food to the table and let guests choose the food they want – whether they prefer Mexican food, tea and scones, or a good-old hamburger. You can hold the event at a park, your company parking lot, or a field, and the perfect décor would be picnic benches, lanterns, blankets and pillows. To make it extra exciting, offer some entertainment – go for a fairground hire set up with stalls and booths, and don’t forget the stalls serving fairground fares like popcorn and candy floss!

An evening of comedy

Everyone can do with a bit of a laugh, especially these days, so another brilliant option would be to hire a stand-up comedian for an evening of fun and laughter. Alternatively, you can try to give your staff and guests tickets to a comedy show, and invite them to a pub afterwards for drinks. It is perfect for smaller companies, so if you have a team of 30 or more, you could choose such an event. If your company is bigger, consider hiring a stand-up comedian for the night and let everyone relax and have a fun time.

Escape rooms

There has been a lot of buzz about escape rooms, and although the pandemic has stopped all that, they’re back! And you have two options if you choose this route – you can go to an escape room of your choice, or you can hire a company to set up the whole thing for you! The latter is obviously the way to go if you have lots of staff, and after they have ‘escaped,’ you can host another party with lots of pizza and drinks.

The definitive circus theme

Everyone loves a circus, an affair that can be enjoyed by young and old. To make the event more memorable, rent a large tent and bring the circus performers in. You can even bring in some rides, like the roller coaster and helter-skelter, and more importantly, don’t forget the circus food!

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