Are You Using the Right Mattress for Your Sleep and Wellness?

Are You Using the Right Mattress for Your Sleep and Wellness?

Having sufficient and quality nighttime sleep is a challenge to many. With a quiet, warm and conducive environment in your bedroom, you can get quality sleep. But nothing adds to this awesome feeling than a quality mattress. Many people believe that a good mattress is simply good for that sound sleep. Yet, they forget about the health benefits that accompany this. So, why is a good mattress good for your health? Here are the answers. 

A poor or worn-out mattress will put too much pressure on your body, making you uncomfortable as you sleep, accompanied by pain when you wake up. However, a good mattress can help you sleep well with a back support and pressure point relief guarantee.

Do you sleep next to a partner? If yes, you will not be interrupted when they turn or be confined to the center due to sagging at the middle. And who doesn’t want to have that great sleep every night? You obviously do!

Your bed should support each part of your body equally as you sleep. A good mattress aligns with your body contour to ensure even weight distribution. This ensures that the head, neck, shoulders, spine, lower back, and legs are correctly aligned every time you sleep, allowing you to have good posture. Improper spinal alignment can cause pain and poor posture.

A poor mattress can impair your sleep, affecting your mental health. However, a quality mattress can ensure you get adequate and quality sleep. Better sleep ensures that your body has enough time to calm and relax. While you sleep, blood pressure drops, and the body restores the balance of hormones in your system, helping you calm down and feel better. This helps reduce stress, improve concentration decision-making, and regulate moods.

A sagging mattress cannot support your spine properly, leading to backaches. In addition, a too firm mattress can put too much pressure on your shoulders, hips, knees, and back, making you uncomfortable and can cause muscles or joint pain with time. With a comfortable, bouncy, and supportive mattress, all your body parts will be supported as you sleep, preventing back, muscle, and joint pains.

Dust and dust mites are the main cause of indoor allergies. Low-quality mattresses collect dust and allow dust mites to build homes on them, leading to allergic reactions. According this article from the Sun, good mattresses are resistant to dust mites and dust, ensuring you experience reduced allergy symptoms. So, if you are asthmatic or allergic to dust, dust mites, and other allergens, a quality mattress with a denser structure and good cover will save you from allergic reactions like sneezing.

Snoring happens when airways are constricted or obstructed during sleep. A study from John Lewis shows that usually happens when you sleep on your back, and a sagging mattress can significantly impact that. If it sinks or sags too much, your neck and head won’t be appropriately supported, causing constriction of the throat, which leads to snoring. A medium-firm or firm mattress will adequately support the head and neck, ensuring airways are open while you sleep, reducing the chances of snoring. 

In conclusion, a good mattress has a significant impact on your health and wellness. It allows you to get sufficient and quality sleep, giving your body enough time to rest, recover and recharge for the following day. It also prevents muscle and joint pains, a common trend if you regularly sleep on a low-quality mattress. Get a good mattress, and you’ll sleep better for a healthier lifestyle.

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