Areas of Home Maintenance to Focus On Through The Year

Areas of Home Maintenance to Focus On Through The Year

Of course, there are plenty of situations where home repairs become necessary when the weather outside isn’t ideal for it. However, if you can control that to some degree, it’s definitely worth it. The best way you might be able to get ahead of such issues is to preventatively repair and maintain your property. Following we’ll explore a seasonal strategy to help you do so.

HVAC Maintenance is Best in Summer

One of the reasons summer is best for HVAC repairs through pros like is because you’re not going to freeze if the heat is off for a few weeks. It’s easier to cool down than warm up, and safer. That said, most HVAC options offer year-round services; it’s just a lot better to get the work done when the weather is friendly. Now is the time to have your HVAC system inspected and repaired, should that be necessary.

In Autumn, You Can Get Ahead of Spring Blooms

Some weeds are hard to deal with during the spring and summer. You might note where you’ve got landscaping issues as you rake up the leaves in the later months so you can get ahead of them in the following year. You might use varying weed killers, you could reorganize the arrangement of things like tarps, carpets, or other items in your yard. Basically, whatever issues you encountered during spring and summer in your property’s external areas is good to fix when the whether isn’t quite so hot, but hasn’t yet become frozen.

Winter is Ideal for Indoor Projects

When it’s cold outside, you want to do things that are primarily of an “interior” variety. For example, December or January is a perfect time to add that new backsplash behind the sink. Maybe you finish that basement, or redo your bedroom’s closet. Internal painting and wallpaper upgrades are also fine ideas for winter. Here’s a list of home improvement ideas for winter if you’re trying to figure out where to start.

However, it’s worth noting that projects which will kick up substantial amounts of dust may not be best when it’s cold out, because ventilation ends up being much more expensive. Also, leaving windows open when temperatures are below zero can expose nearby water pipes to the cold, which can cause them to freeze and burst.

If you’re doing interior jobs that will kick up a lot of dust, either wait until it’s temperate outside for ventilation, or use suction solutions to keep dust fines from dominating your home’s interior atmosphere. If you get HVAC work done in the summer, your system will be more capable of reducing particulates in the air, so that’s something to think about.

Areas of Home Maintenance to Focus On Through The Year

Spring is the Time to Clean

Spring cleaning is ideal, because it isn’t too hot, it isn’t too cold, and you can get internal jobs done as well as those that require outside work. Sometimes cleaning projects are more in-depth than simply wetting, scrubbing, and rinsing something. For example, if you’ve got an imploded outbuilding like an old shed, spring is the perfect time to dismantle it and have it removed from your property.

Using Seasonal Segues to Drive Property Maintenance

Spring is for cleaning, winter is for inside projects that don’t produce voluminous dust, autumn is for getting ahead of springtime blooms, and summer is ideal for repairing interior environmental technology such as HVAC systems. Of course, which of these are most applicable to your situation may depend on your geographic location.

What’s best for Wyoming might not be best for Florida. That said, for most of the country, seasonal change is a good way of determining best moves in property maintenance. Get in the proper rhythm, and you’ll find yourself naturally performing certain duties as you see the seasons transition.

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