Arranging Kids Room in a Country House

Arranging Kids Room in a Country House

Living in a country house implies an inevitable bond with nature. You want to feel the freshness in everything and foster love to plants and animals in your child. So, isn’t it a great reason to choose a thematic design for a kids’ room? Dragons of Walton Street ( is a company that fully shares your view, and professionals working in it have already prepared some amazing ideas for arranging a lovely space for your loved one!

Design Ideas

The most appropriate themes for designing a children’s room in a country house are animals, flowers, and landscapes. A little girl will be excited to see exotic flowers or romantic peonies around, while a boy would admire exploring jungles and going hiking with a teepee or wigwam without even leaving the room. Children’s imagination is boundless. And murals created by the artists working in Dragons of Walton Street will help the dreams of your child become almost real.

All you have to do is to decide on the design. You may ask for literally anything, be it a majestic elephant, brave and strong tiger or lion, refined flamingo, or even a drove of wild mustangs depicted on the walls of your child’s room.

Quality Materials

The materials used by Dragons of Walton Street are of the highest quality. The company takes care not only of your child’s health but of nature as well. An ideal bonus is that the products ordered from the company can be used by generations for decades. Every item is a unique handicraft made with love and attention to the smallest details.

The company also provides repainting and restoration services. This means that you can change the design or painting on your furniture and get an entirely new and different product back without paying for the manufacture again. By choosing Dragons of Walton Street, you get reliability, durability, quality, and unique design.

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