Back Pain: The Common Myths To Be Aware Of

Pain is one of the limiting factors that can affect the quality of life of individuals. One of the most common forms of pain is that which is felt in the back. Back pain can arise from a variety of reasons including improper posture, occupational habits, and more.

According to a recent study, back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. The frequency of back pain among the population has also risen in recent times with eight out of ten people complaining about different forms of backaches, whether acute or chronic.

Back pain, when left unattended to, or when not detected early can be frustrating and debilitating. If proper preventative and treatment measures are not adapted fast, people suffering from back pain may witness further degeneration which may lead to loss of motion and other complications.

In some cases, treatment of back pain may be approached using evidence-based techniques and practices which are available both in invasive and non-invasive procedures. Invasive procedures may be in the form of MRIs, shots, surgery, and medications.

However, it is recommended that people who are faced with back pain and similar conditions should first seek other treatment approaches before considering surgical treatment procedures.

With back pain being one of the misunderstood problems affecting humans, it is possible to fail at treatment and diagnosis of this condition based on the common misconceptions surrounding the problem. In a bid to help you to better understand what backache and back pain is, in order to form a perfect foundation for diagnosis and treatment, the chiropractic experts at Straight Up Spine & Posture have identified some of the most common myths associated with the condition.

Bed rest helps to relieve the pain and also boosts healing

Most people are of the opinion and belief that taking the time off their daily schedule to rest can help with their back pain. While this is true, in that the muscles around the affected area are less stressed thus reducing the pain that is being felt by the victim, it is also untrue as this is not a proven treatment procedure.

Resting as a means of combating back pain is not effective. It is more advisable to couple bed rest with treatment procedures than to rely heavily on rest as a means to deal with pain in the back region. Failure to take care of the back pain from its onset can lead to more devastating results later in the future. A simple hot and cold massage ball or compress might help provide relief.

Tip: Focus on treatments that encourage movement like stretching, swimming, walking, and other motion-based activities.

The Problem Is Spine Related

Most people associate back pain with their spine and its misalignment. While this is true to some extent, there are a lot of reasons for back pain that may be unrelated to the spine. Back pain may be caused by a lot of issues affecting different parts of the body, issues relating to the environment, or the type of stress the body is subjected to. Back pain may be caused as a result of the body’s direct response to the way a person exercises, their work pattern, how a person sits, how a person sleeps, or the type of shoes worn by the person. In all, back pain can result from several issues and it is far too limiting to think that it is only caused due to a problem with the spine.

An adjustment will Fix My Back Pain

Most people believe chiropractic adjustments will fix their back pain issues. However, this may not be totally true as only 10 percent of cases of back pain are treated completely from spine mobilization. In most cases, chiropractors may have to choose other proven techniques including exercises to determine the source of the pain and provide specific treatment.

Medication will Cure My Backache

One of the most common misconceptions regarding back pain is the dependence on medication to provide relief. While medication provides temporary relief from pain, it is only a matter of time before a patient becomes dependent on medications to deal with the pain emanating from the back. While medication as a means of dealing with pain is unsustainable, a better option would be to look for treatment options that do not involve direct dependence on drugs.

To prevent the problem of addiction, seeking proper treatment procedures is recommended.

Surgery is the Only Answer

Surgical procedures have helped most people deal with back pain and other related conditions. However, this is not to say that surgery is the only answer. There are several other treatment procedures that are non-invasive, less expensive, and more promising in terms of results.

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