Bathroom Sanctuary: Creating the Ideal Shower Area


Fans of showering have the cause to rejoice as there are numerous benefits this ritual provides. A quick morning shower can offer you the chance to wash away your worries and anxieties, improve your alertness, blood circulation, and immune system as it boosts the production of white blood cells, clears away toxic build-up, and fights off fatigue.

In other words, if you want to start the day on the right foot, take the time to step inside the shower before you rush off to work. Don’t worry, there’s something in it for those who prefer their showers at night too.

When you get inside the shower after calling it a day, you prepare your body for sound beauty sleep, alongside washing away all the dirt build-up which is useful in getting rid of skin problems and inflammations as you balance the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Bathroom Sanctuary_ Creating the Ideal Shower Area

Invest in the Dream Shower

To reap all these benefits, you just need to pick a quality shower head out of the wide range of models as the key ingredient of the experience. No matter the kind of person you are, morning or night owl, one this is certain: having a shower turns out to be a great investment.

If you also care about the environment and your carbon footprint, you’d be glad to know showers would be of help in preserving water much more than baths which require a bigger amount to be filled up. Not to mention, they’re much more advantageous hygiene-wise too as you don’t get to spend time soaking in your own dirt, and that’s just one of the grossest things that happen to your body when you take a bath.

Now that you know all there is to know about the main benefits that also happen to be reasons in favor of showers, let’s discuss the ways you can use them to create your dream shower area. Such an element in your own bathroom would help you get that much-needed spa-like feel for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Focus on the Shower Head

As this is one of the main components that have a say in your relaxation, you need to look through all of the options carefully and choose only after you’ve done all the considerations.

The size, shape, and material of the showerheads are all important, especially when you think of them as parts of the whole and they should be similar to those of other bath fittings, like fancy tapware, towel rails and doorknobs, and the rest of accessories that give the bathroom some polish, if you want to get a harmonious outcome. That’s the recipe for creating your own bathroom sanctuary.

This isn’t all there is to them – you should pick from the vast array of showerhead models at the bathware stores by, most importantly, taking their type and function into account. When in doubt, use your lifestyle and showering habits as guiding points as well.


As the name implies, such models of shower heads are installed on the wall and you can find them aplenty as they’re among the most popular. As they’re fixed, they don’t offer much flexibility in case you want to get a better rinse off all of your body parts, but they do compensate for this with ease of use and low maintenance.

If more flexibility is what you’re after, and you prefer this type, install them in a combination with adjustable extension arms, or pick up a mixed set of fixed shower heads with a hand-held attachment. This works perfectly in homes where there are more people of different heights sharing a roof, in the likes of kids and adults.

Body Spray

Another way to make the most of a combination with the wall-mounted is to buy shower heads that are smaller and body spray. They’re great since due to the size they’re fit to be installed at different heights on the sides, so they provide you with a nice splash over different body areas at the same time. This way you get enough coverage without having to use a hand-held model.


As already mentioned, this is the type that offers more freedom with where you want the shower water sprayed on you. When you’re in for a quick morning shower, don’t want to get your hair all wet as you don’t have the time to style your hair with a hair dryer, you’d be glad you picked this one.

Same as you would when you want to give the whole shower area a nice scrub and wash thanks to the ease of focusing the water flow exactly where you want. Allowing this, such a model proves to be of help with showering pets too, though you might want to get them used to the experience first – especially cats – unless you want to be dealing with all sorts of scratches.

As a final special touch to your showering, why not get a multi-function model of shower head Australia homeware stores have in stock that’s equipped with a variety of jets combined. From massaging, and gentle mists, to pulsating blasts, you’d get several ranges of intensities all in one.


Mimicking the feel of rain, you’d be able to get a unique outdoor-like experience indoors with this amazing type of shower heads for sale. As they’re wider and bigger than the typical wall-mount model, you get a more relaxing feel since the water pressure is lower, and they provide full coverage for your body. The soothing and luxurious outcome would certainly make for an upgrade like those you expect to see at posh hotel bathrooms.

Get a Shower Door

Now, while you may be all up for an open shower because it would visually increase the space in your bathroom, it’s not always the best option. Sure, it may be great for a smaller bathroom, but it’s not recommended if the showerhead is too close to the exit so you risk splashing the whole room. It’s easy to get the right coverage while still having an open feel with a glass door that lets through plenty of natural light and shows off the tiles.

More in favor of it, it’s an excellent element if you’re after a Scandi-style bathroom that’s all about airiness. You’re going to love it for its ease of cleanliness too and another benefit, one that you don’t get from an open shower or a curtain for that matter, is reaping protection from cool and breezy drafts.

Focus on the Shower Storage

There’s nothing worse than a bathroom mess to ruin your spa-like relaxation. Well, besides the fact clutter around this area could put you at risk of more slipping accidents too, and no one wants that!

Items that are acceptable in the shower are a stool or bench for comfort, a plant for improved air quality, a rail as part of the aids for the disabled that offer independence, and toiletries – nothing more. Still, many of us are prone to exaggerating with the last bit.

Luckily, it’s easy to solve your mess of toiletries when you organize them on floating shelves. This would save you from having to dispose of them, or accessories you use to enhance your stress-free showering experience. Now, in the scenario where this doesn’t answer your storage woes either, and you need extra space, a niche may be of help.

It’s not only fit to be installed above bathtubs, you know. Along with enjoying the purchase, choosing out of versatility of designs, you’d love this addition for the fact it can be installed lower on the wall and serve another purpose too: as a balancing point for your legs while you shave!

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