Benefits of a Good Pool Drain System

 Benefits of a Good Pool Drain System

Drain systems are an unsung hero of the swimming pool industry that help keep swimming pools clean. Without a good drain system, your pool will be smelly and green in no time. It’s hard to maintain a healthy swimming pool without taking care of its drain system first. A swimming pool drain grate covers the drain system to keep out debris. Here are some benefits of having a great drain system:

What is a Swimming Pool Drain System?

A swimming pool’s drain system is a shallow channel that runs around the swimming pool to prevent dirty water from entering the pool. For example, when it rains, pool drains direct water runoff away from the pool to a safe disposal point. The drains are covered with drain grates to prevent debris from getting in. 

Drain grates play both functional and aesthetical roles. They cover the drain to prevent objects and debris from falling in and clogging up the drains. They also have decorative purposes. The slit design and patterns complement the pool’s look. 

Types of Swimming Pool Drain Grates 

 A pool grate can be made from many different materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and plastic. Jonite pool drains are made from recycled composite materials. They are able to hold color from fading, even in harsh weather. It is often used as a safety device to prevent children and pets from falling into pool drains.

This type of pool drainage grates sydney is to keep debris out of the drain hole. The grate sits over the drain channel and has perforations to allow in water but keep out debris. You can have custom pool drain grates with your preferred color, design, and slit patterns.

What Makes a Good Drain Grate? 

  • Toddler-safe-  A grate should be safe for children to walk on. The perforations on the grate should be small enough for children to walk on without their feet falling through. The slits should also be small enough to avoid toes getting caught in the grate. 
  • Color durability –  The area on a swimming pool’s perimeter, gets a lot of water splashing from the pool. The grates should have color durability to keep color through different seasons. Traditional stone grates are absorbent and lose color quickly. Composite materials are less absorbent and are able to keep their color and beauty despite harsh weather exposure. 
  • Slip-resistant-  There is a real risk of slipping and falling if a pool grate is too slippery from wetness. A pol grate should have a slip-resistant surface. One should be able to walk safely when the surface is inundated. You avoid fatal falls on the stone floor, and accidental falls into the swimming pool. 
  • Heat resistant- Pool grates are exposed to harsh sunlight and freezing weather. A good pool grate should undergo these numerous expansion and contraction cycles without cracking 
  • Environmentally friendly – A pool grate’s material should be made using environmentally friendly methods. For example, Jonite pool drains are made from recycled composite material. Their manufacture does not involve energy-intensive processes.  

Benefits of Having a Good Swimming Pool Drain System

1. It keeps your pool cleaner by allowing the water to drain into the pipes easily without any clogging or build-up. Water runoff does not get into the pool, which keeps it clean.  There is a further advantage because you don’t have to clean frequently. You also don’t have to change the water frequently, keeping the costs of running the pool low. 

2. It prevents algae and bacteria from building up in the pool.  Dirt and debris in the pool can make the pool a breeding ground for microorganisms. The pool stays clean when dirty water is directed away and disposed of at a separate point.  

Algae make a pool have a slimy greenish look. The pool becomes unhealthy to swim in; you could contract skin allergies and irritation. Jonite pool drains to ensure your pool remains a clean and healthy space for all.

3. It makes it easier to keep your pool clean and healthy. It stays conducive to swimming even by little children. Your family stays safe without the risks of contracting skin diseases or allergies.  

4.  The drain grates have an aesthetic value. They add decorative detailing around the pool. It makes this space pleasant to look at and spend time in.  A clean pool also makes the pool more inviting.

5. A clean pool adds value to your property. If you decide to sell your property, a potential buyer will be more impressed if the pool is clean and well-maintained.


 A good swimming pool drain system is an important part of keeping your pool clean and healthy. If you have a swimming pool, you should consider having a professional evaluate your drain system and install a new one if necessary. You will save yourself money in the long run, and keep your pool clean and inviting at all times.

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