Benefits of Using Pet Harness For Outdoors

Benefits of Using Pet Harness For Outdoors

Pets can sometimes offer great companionship than humans. This is among the reasons why most homeowners usually get them, especially if they spend most of their time alone. Some of them are also kept for security reasons while some people just keep them because they love having pets around. Well, one thing you have to keep in mind, however, is the fact that you might need to get a harness for your pet. It offers a lot of benefits to the owner or the handler. Below are a few of these benefits of using a pet harness

Offers more control

When you take your pet out for a walk, you will want to have as much control as you can over it. For instance, when you are walking a big dog or one that is quite aggressive.

You will definitely have a tough time trying to keep it on track. Especially when the path is full of scents and other stimuli that may excite them.

But, when you use a harness, you will definitely be able to control your pet with a lot of ease. With this, you won’t have to worry about your aggressive dog chasing after birds, cats or other dogs in the park.

Also, it is important to give some commands and use these outdoor activities for your dog. It increases motor activity and improves obedience.


In everything you do, the first thing that should always come to mind is your safety and those around you as well. But, when using a harness, the safety of your pet is also guaranteed.

Even when using a collar on the neck of your dog, owners are always encouraged not to keep it too tight. The best way to do it is to fix it in such a way that two of your fingers can still get in between the collar and the pet’s body.

With this, any dog that really wants to escape can easily do so by sliding its neck from the collar and runing off. This can be quite dangerous as it can disrupt other people and pets within the park.

Also, it may lead to the pet being knocked by a car if you were walking beside a busy road. These harnesses for cats or dogs are a much safer option as they do cover more of the pet’s body. It often covers the chest, shoulders, and front limbs. This will definitely keep your dog from running off.

No pulling on the leash

If you realize your dog likes fighting the leash on its collar, you might be in for a tough time when you take it out for a short walk. This means that whenever the dog moves forward, you will also be caught up in the tussle thus being pulled along as well.

This will encourage the dog to keep on pulling you. However, to avoid going through the struggle, simply start using harnesses. They will keep your dog off the pulling tendency.

It is always quite difficult for dogs to pull a leash that is attached to a harness and move forward. This is because the leash is often fixed to a hook just at the back between the shoulders. It helps in stopping any attempts of the dog to pull you since the forward motion will always be directed in the opposite direction.

No trachea and neck injuries

With a harness, you won’t have to worry about your pet having any trachea or back injuries. These are conditions that most pets suffer from when you use other options like collars.

It puts much strain around the neck area of the animal hence the injury. In most cases when this happens, it might be difficult to notice as the animal might not be having any pains yet. However, with time the condition might become worse and therefore increasing the pain and causing discomfort to the animal.

There are certain pet breeds that have fragile bones around the neck area and therefore any small pull on the leash might lead to severe pain or an injury to the neck, such as a collapsed trachea.

No entanglements

This is also another reason why you should consider using a harness over any other options. When you have a leash on a dog’s collar, it will always be easy for the dog to pull it.

If your dog is quite aggressive and excited, it might twist the leash around you. This can be around your fingers, legs, or wrist. For this reason, you can get hurt when you finally get entangled by the leash and fall down.

This definitely isn’t what you pictured when you offered to take the dog out for a walk, right? Well, the only solution to this is just using a harness for your pup.

Prevents ocular proptosis

This is the process where eyeballs seem to be protruding from their sockets. This is a condition where a dog’s eyes sometimes appear as if they are coming out of the eyelids. The condition is often caused by the frequent use of a collar around the dog’s neck. It can totally be avoided by the use of a harness. Click here to see more.


As you have seen, there are a lot of benefits of using a pet harness that both the pet and its handler can enjoy when using a harness. There are a lot of them in pet stores and come in different sizes, depending on the size of the pet. They also have different attachment points for a leash. Start using one today and enjoy the time you spend with your four legged friend in the park.

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