Benefits To Investing In Liquid Aeration for Your Lawn This Summer

Benefits To Investing In Liquid Aeration for Your Lawn This Summer

Good lawn aeration is the secret to green and luscious grass. As your lawn experiences a lot of traffic, its soil compacts quickly and robs grassroots of the oxygen that they need to thrive.

By loosening the soil, you will allow a sufficient amount of nutrients to penetrate deeper, fostering good growth. Additionally, this improves soil-to-air interaction as it breaks down excessive thatch.

While traditional aeration improves the overall health of your lawn, it is time-consuming as it is physically exhausting.  The good news is that there is a better way to keep your lawn in top-notch shape.

The answer? Liquid aeration.

What Is Liquid Aeration?

This is not only cost-effective but also a convenient alternative to traditional or manual aeration. Liquid aeration entails the mixing of liquid solutions with water. The solution is sprayed using a back-pack sprayer or a hose.

This mix is then applied evenly across your lawn. Its main purpose is to break down soil particles so that they can help with the aeration process.

With continual application, liquid aeration generates optimal results. Even better is the fact that these solutions come with bonus ingredients such as fulvic and humic acid that are equally useful to the soil.

Most importantly, this method of aeration is gentle to the soil. Although the liquid solutions are concentrated, they can be used over and over without a negative impact on your grass.

The Benefits To Investing In Liquid Aeration This Summer

Liquid aeration comes with the following benefits:

A simpler application process

The last thing you need is manually poking holes in your lawn under the summer heat. But with liquid aeration, you will enjoy a simpler application process.

This is because it involves spraying the solution on your lawn with a back sprayer. Thereafter, all you need to do is wait for the solution to go to work and the results will be priceless.

It increases the overall strength of your lawn

During the summer, your lawn needs as much moisture and aeration as it can get. Without this, then your grass will wither away.

Liquid aeration will get the job done because it enables water to access the soil at the deepest level. This makes grassroots healthy and increases the overall strength of your lawn.

It keeps your lawn moist

This type of aeration may allow water into the deepest part of the soil. But apart from this, it also allows for water retention.

When lawns suffer from the depletion of moisture in the summer, your lawn will always be rejuvenated as liquid aeration allows for longer water retention. This also means that you will water your plants less frequently.

It is pocket-friendly

If you need to save some more for your summer shopping then liquid aeration is your best bet. This is because you can aerate your lawn with a garden hose.

You do not have to purchase expensive or heavy-duty equipment where this kind of aeration is concerned. It is the most pocket-friendly way to aerate your lawn.

It is environmentally friendly

Besides all of the advantages that liquid aeration comes with, it is also environmentally friendly. You can spray the solution on your lawn knowing that it is totally safe.

This means that you can spend time outside during the summer without worrying about toxins. You do not have to wait for hours before letting your kids or pets go back outside because of fear of dangerous chemicals.

As such, you can spray your lawn at any time, without worrying about any side effects.

You can do it yourself

All you need to do is set aside a few hours of your summer day to aerate your lawn and you will have it looking healthy and appealing.

You do not need to hire professionals as you can do this yourself. If anything, you will be able to save the money you could have spent and put it to good use.

Make Your Lawn Amazing

There is nothing more amazing than a beautiful lawn. It is endearing to everyone around you and adds value to your property.

Imagine enjoying an afternoon barbecue with family and friends on a hot summer day, on a welcoming lawn.

Isn’t this every homeowner’s dream? Your loved ones will thank you for this! The first step to getting there? Liquid aeration.  It is the key to a healthy summer lawn.

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