Best Cordless Lawn Mowers

Best Cordless Lawn Mowers

Looking after your lawn is important. With summer rapidly approaching, many people find themselves starting to think about getting their grass into the best possible shape before the beginning of the season. Dealing with mowing the lawn and other forms of lawn maintenance can be frustrating and time consuming if you do not have all of the best equipment for the job, but if you are properly equipped for lawn care then it can be a much faster and even enjoyable process! That means that making sure you have the best cordless lawn mower out there is vital to making the process of lawn maintenance as quick and painless as possible.

But what is the best cordless lawn mower on the market right now? The experts at OccupyTheFarm have done all of the research into the world of lawn maintenance, and you’ll find the results below, along with expert guidance and analysis! No matter what you need to know about battery powered cordless lawn mowers, you’ll find all of the answers you need below.

What are Cordless Lawn Mowers?

There are two main types of electrically operated lawn mowers: corded mowers, which require a connection to a power outlet and a cable, and cordless mowers, which are powered through a battery. Cordless mowers are more powerful than you might expect, and are generally seen as a good choice for a larger lawn. Corded mowers are limited by how long an extension lead you have available, as they cannot be used too far away from a power socket. Cordless mowers, however, can simply be used wherever you want, as long as the battery has been charged.

Cordless mowers are also safer than corded lawn mowers. A lawn mower powered by a cable poses a bit of a safety risk in wet conditions, while a battery operated cordless mower is fully enclosed and safe from damp grass and other risks. The motors of cordless mowers are usually compact and easy to handle, as well as being safe and secure.

What to Look For in a Cordless Lawn Mower

When you’re trying to choose the best cordless lawn mower for your lawn maintenance needs, there are a number of different features you should bear in mind as you try to choose. One of the biggest considerations is how powerful a mower you need, as this will be reflected in the voltage and amperage of machine that you’ll want. Most cordless mowers are built with batteries ranging between 40 volts and 80 volts in power, which should be plenty for most purposes. You’ll want the highest amperage that you can get, though – higher amperage means longer between charges, which means you’ll be able to mow a larger lawn in one session without needing to break to charge your lawn mower’s battery in the middle.

You’ll also want to consider the size of the cutting deck of your mower. A larger cutting deck means you’ll be able to mow a larger lawn faster, while a smaller cutting deck allows for more mobility in tight spaces and awkward corners. Bear in mind the size of your lawn when trying to determine the size of cutting deck you will need to buy.

Best Cordless Lawn Mowers

One of the best cordless lawn mower models currently available is the Greenworks 17 inch Cordless Mower. This is a relatively small and sleek cordless mower with an efficient 40 volt Lithium Ion battery powering it. With adjustable cutting height and full Pro Smart Cut Technology, this is one of the most advanced and flexible options out there for a smaller lawn or medium sized space.

Another great option is the Snapper XD Max Electric Cordless Mower, a solid and extremely flexible cordless mower. This comes with a durable 21 inch mowing deck made from steel, as well as a convenient 3 in 1 grass clipping side discharge, mulch and bag unit. This is a large and sturdy model ideal for cutting larger lawns, although if you’re working with a particularly large area of grass you might need to charge it in the middle.


If you’re looking for a great cordless lawn mower, look no further than OccupyTheFarm for all the info you need. The guide above is a quick and easy starter introduction to cordless lawn mowers, but the full OccupyTheFarm website offers much longer and more in depth explanations of every important feature of these valuable tools, as well as many other pieces of garden and home technology.

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