Best Neighborhoods To Buy Luxury Property In Dallas, TX

Best Neighborhoods To Buy Luxury Property In Dallas, TX

The Dallas housing market is still blazing with customers looking to buy luxury flats. And thanks to the available inventory, the choices are plenty. However, when it comes to buying the best property, the list can easily be slimmed down to just a few.

Here’s our list of the best five neighborhoods to buy a luxury property in Dallas, TX, this year.


Just a few moments from downtown, this neighborhood is pretty famous amongst White Rock Lake lovers. Best known for its laid-back luxury and impressive homes, this neighborhood has a mix of both old and new houses.

The award-winning Lakewood Elementary School is one of the key attractions for families. So much so that the kids who grew up in Lakewood are returning with families of their own. And that is not all. The neighborhood offers a small-town feel in a big city.

Preston Hollow

When it comes to Dallas real estate, nothing can beat Preston Hollow. Glistening with glamorous charm and eclectic tastes of modern and traditional housing, the neighborhood has been a popular place to live for years.

Plenty of greenery and hollows, just about six miles north of downtown, there’s hardly anything you won’t love about this place. In addition to this, The Fountains luxury apartments offer plenty of luxuries for its residents. Perfect for those who have chosen the private school route, but not exactly the price tag. In other words, the neighborhood has everything on offer that you can expect in bigger cities at affordable prices.

North Oak Cliff

Some call it the hidden gem of Dallas; North Oak Cliff is in the southern pocket of Dallas. To reach this neighborhood, you’d have to cross over the bridge. With beautiful trees covering rolling hills, and affordable housing options, the area is possibly what people call it.

Family homes, condos, and townhomes, you can find everything in this area. Plus, the neighborhood offers a relaxed and welcoming vibe to every visitor and resident. And not to forget the Bishop Arts District and the Kessler Theater, offering an evening to remember.

University Park

Quiet streets, gorgeous homes, and pristinely preserved yards are among the many reasons why home buyers love this area. Though the houses in this neighborhood are a bit pricey, people still flock to this town-within-the-city.

An exemplary public school system is yet another reason to buy a flat in this area. Besides, the neighborhood has its own fire department and police services. And not to forget the luxurious public pool.

Hollywood Heights

Last but not least, this neighborhood in the south of White Rock Lake is also one of the most affordable housing areas. The key attraction is the collections of stone-embellished Tudor cottages, which are also among the largest in the region.

Most homebuyers look for tiny homes with original features. Some prefer the old stained glass, while others like the original stonework.

On this note, we conclude this list and leave the decision up to you. Though Dallas is also one of the most preferred locations for settling in Texas, we believe these are the best ones within.

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