Best Remote Career Choices You Can Get Started Doing Now

Best Remote Career Choices You Can Get Started Doing Now

The advancement in technology and the current pandemic have rapidly changed the way people earn now. It has been recognized that more and more individuals are opting for online jobs in some capacity every year. It is stated that about 59 million Americans freelanced in the previous year and earned approximately $1.2 trillion in total income. If you are bored of your low-paying 9 a.m. – 5 p.m job, you better start doing work remotely and earn at the comfort of your home. We have listed seven reasons here to give you an idea about the possibilities of working remotely so you can find a job you genuinely love!

1. Freelance Writer

One of the most trending remote jobs these days is freelance writing. If you have considerably sound writing skills, you can opt to write for blog posts, newspapers, and magazines. As online websites grab the customer’s attention by the quality of content they produce, freelance writers are in great demand. Moreover, if you have a knack for grammar and can quickly identify errors in written scripts, you can work as a proofreader or editor. For this purpose, you can join websites that provide a platform to freelancers like Upwork, or you can start your own business and make direct clients.

2. Data entry

Almost every business firm needs employees for data entry for tracking the progress and their essential information. This job usually does not require the employee to come to the workplace as it could quickly be done online. Although a few technical skills are needed to work efficiently, beginners can also do this job after getting a little training from any senior. If you are already from a business niche and want to brush up on skills, do not hesitate to do this work, it’s incredible.

3.  Social Media Manager

With the growing use of social media for advertising purposes, businesses have become dependent on the internet. They use websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote their work and make customers. The key is to keep their social media page active and produce content that keeps the audience engaged on their page. Those who possess the skills to stay active and keep the page alive are in high demand. As a social media manager, your duties may involve managing the comments, creating posts, publishing them, and overall improving the social appearance of the business in the market.

4. Online Tutor

Online teaching was introduced several years ago but was not as common as it is in the ongoing situation of Covid-19. If you have graduated in a subject like math, chemistry, or foreign language or are still a student but hold excellent command of your subject, you can apply for this job. In the present situation, when the entire world moves towards the online class system, professionals with good command over technology are required. So, if you have a favorite subject and want to work flexible hours while sitting in the comfort of your home, this may be a great fit for you!

5. Personal Trainer

The growing trend of dining out and opening more and more food eateries is leading almost half of the world towards obesity. Everyone is looking for motivation that could bring them back to their healthy life. So, if you are into fitness and like to keep your body in shape and have a sound understanding of proper exercises, this may very well be your dream job. You can manage your own personalized social media page, create content and videos regarding exercise techniques and educate your clients through it. You can also use an online personal training software for your remote client so you can still manage and update them anytime. Through online coaching, you can reach out to those clients who cannot personally visit you due to time or travel constraints.

6. Voiceover Artist

It has become quite common for different countries to display dubbed television serials for a foreign country from the past decade. This has brought a great demand for voiceover artists in the industry. If you have a smooth and confident voice, you may love the work as a voiceover artist. Some agencies prefer to work online for voiceover for cartoons, films, audio recording for public transport, or dubbing for foreign language serials. You can earn a decent amount through a job while working from home with flexible timings; just make sure you have good audio software like audacity and a fast internet connection.

7. Website Designer

As we have already talked about the growing trend of the world moving towards social media, a good website with attractive designs helps the business snowball. If you carry the skills to design a website, you can work with a particular agency to help them design their website, or you can freely work with several NGOs or tech companies for regular work. However, you often have to be familiar with adobe illustrator, photoshop tools, and CSS for this purpose. With all these skills, you can create an eye-catchy website and earn a handsome amount for your hard work.


If you are seeking a great way to earn while at home, start exploring the opportunities listed above for working remotely. Your previous skills, interest in work, and dedication can make you a successful person career-wise. There are endless great opportunities out there, so give it a try!

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