The Best Resale Advice For Making Serious Clothes Cash

The Best Resale Advice For Making Serious Clothes Cash

It’s wrong to deny that most of us don’t have spare clothes we never wear. Closets and wardrobes around the world are full of old outfits that never see the light of day. Some are packed with ones that are brand new and have never been worn! In your mind, they are useless and no good to anyone apart from a goodwill store. But, before you give them away, you may want to know about their resale value. Although they appear worthless, they are money-spinners as long as you know the tricks of the trade. Here are the basics.

High-Quality Pics

Internet shoppers won’t part with their cash unless they have a good reason. Pixelated, crappy images don’t count as good enough because there is too much risk. Because consumers can’t try before they buy, they need to be able to see an item is a positive light. With that in mind, invest in a quality camera and practice taking pictures that are sharp and professional. It’s amazing how the right photos can encourage a person to make a purchase. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t alter them to the point where they are unrecognizable. Playing around is fine, but don’t do anything illegal.

Brand New

Using this phrase as a sales technique is important for two reasons. Firstly, people are likely to buy second-hand clothes that have hardly been worn. To them, it makes them as good as new and a bargain. Secondly, anything that turns up and doesn’t fit the description will get returned and you’ll need to provide a refund. So, anything with a tag is a potential goldmine because it has proof that isn’t used. But, damaged clothes sell too with the help of this Stitch It clothing alterations service. Alternatively, you can sew at home and save a couple of bucks.

Price Is Right

Never under or overprice items online because they won’t sell. Customers are savvy and see pricing as a way to sniff out problems. Of course, a used t-shirt is out of the question if it is more expensive than the new ones on the high street. But, a low price may make them think ‘what’s the catch?’ A good tip is to check out how your competitors and peers price their products and follow suit. However, do take into account fees for listings and things like credit card charges.

Digital Platform

eBay is a good place to start, yet it isn’t the only option. Another major contender is Amazon, and some sellers think they have superior perks. Gumtree is quite popular, as is Etsy for selling crafts and things of that nature. The key is to decide which platform gives you the best chance of making a sale. For example, entrepreneurs with a high social media flow use YouTube to channel donations to their cause. Anyone who has issues with auction sites should take a look at ASOS Marketplace because it’s hugely reputable.

This is not an exhaustive list, but have these tips helped pique your interest?

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