Best Shopify SEO Apps & Tools to be used in 2022

Best Shopify SEO Apps & Tools to be used in 2022

Shopify is one of the premium e-commerce hosting platforms. In 2021, the market share of Shopify will hit 20%. Driving traffic to a Shopify store is tricky. If you are into e-commerce and want to learn the exclusive SEO tactics best for Shopify applications and websites, opting for an SEO Course is a good idea.

Having excellent content without organic traffic is simply useless. Investing in quality content and correct Shopify SEO tactics will fetch organic traffic for free. Building interest in third-party applications will substantially solve SEO issues. That’s not it; it’s more than understanding and implementation.

SEO in Shopify – What is it?

SEO increases the quality and quantity of traffic in Shopify. The organic search engine results rank Shopify stores accordingly. There has been a recent introduction by Google. The whole web is granted with mobile-first indexing. Shopify stores using smartphones have been prioritized through the same.

Shopify store owners have great news indeed. There are plenty of useful Shopify SEO apps in the market. Leveraging on those strategies will ensure yielding magnificent results.

This article will enlighten you about the best SEO apps. These Shopify SEO apps and tools have magnificent in-built features, and incorporating them will fetch you excellent results. Keep reading to find out the best Shopify SEO apps and devices.

Incorporating SEO Strategies in Shopify for 2022

Using the right SEO tools for Shopify will yield the best results. Shopify itself comes with remarkable SEO-friendly features. So Shopify store users are more privileged than other marketers. Without wasting much time and energy, all critical tasks are covered. Thus implementing SEO tools in Shopify is worthwhile for 2022.

6 Best Shopify SEO Apps and Tools for 2022

Here is a listing of all the leading Shopify SEO apps and tools for 2022:

1. SEO Optimiser – Trusted SEO app by Booster Apps

It is efficiently designed to boost sales revenue. This application enhances the SEO features primarily. It is mainly used for ranking your products at the top.

The modified version deliberately promotes the speed of search flow. Thus, it makes your products top the list. It requires no-code installation. Besides, the one-click installation significantly improves your SEO.

Primary Features:

  • Single-click SEO installation
  • Automated SEO optimizer
  • The granted SEO support is US-based

Cost Price:

  • Free of cost
  • The Pro plan starts from $24.99 per month

2. SEO Suite: Image Optimizer by AVADA

Your website might load extremely slowly for various reasons. Besides, your website might rank considerably lower than any other. It is because of the high-quality images or broken links. Sometimes, the feeble social connection with your website is the reason.

This application comes in handy in dissolving these pestering issues. It resolves all problems associated with HTML, meta tags, etc. Incorporating ALT tags compresses the images on your website.

Primary Features:

  • Provides support to Google structured data
  • Optimizes image ALT tags
  • Makes extensive use of HTML sitemap
  • Offers image optimization by keeping image quality unaltered
  • Implements social meta

Cost Price:

  • Free of cost

3. SEO Plus by Varinode, Inc.

This application helps in improving the search rank of your site. The dynamic feature of fresh content allows you to publish frequently. Moreover, you can make the best use of organic keyword optimization.

It allows you to make code modifications without coding skills.

Primary Features:

  • Helps in optimizing organic keywords
  • Automatically updates fresh content for all products
  • Provides support for using multiple languages
  • Lets you modify the appearance of the displayed content
  • Allows optimization using advanced codes
  • It is compatible with all devices, including tablets, desktops, and mobile

Cost Price:

  • Free of cost

4. SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge Studios

This SEO tool improves Google search results through a single click. It is magnificently designed for boosting Shopify stores and product searches. The JSON-LD structured data is automatically added to the Shopify website.

Javascript implements these data without modifying the templates of your Shopify store. In other words, the Shopify template files are secured and risk-free.

Primary Features:

  • Automatically incorporates JSON-LD structured data to Shopify website
  • Offers numerous SEO tools for boosting Google search results
  • Don’t modify Shopify templates directly
  • Makes use of Javascript for implementing JSON-LD data

Cost Price:

  • Free of cost

5. SEO Assistant by Buymaxx

This is mainly used for amplifying the rankings in search results. It assists all the Shopify store owners. With SEO automation, you can flexibly modify Shopify products and pages.

You need not enter meta tags or ALT tags manually. All thanks and regards to the bulk-editing feature existing. Besides, it helps in discarding broken links automatically. It also determines any prevalent issue and invalid web pages.

So without having coding skills, you can fix all issues. Further, you stand a chance of optimizing all web pages.

Primary Features:

  • Offers structured data in JSON-LD format
  • Meta tags are filled in automatically for all items
  • Provides bulk editing along with ALT and meta tags
  • Efficiently determines invalid web pages and broken links
  • Provides flexible SEO settings

Cost Price:

  • Free of cost
  • One time plan starting from $6 per month
  • The Pro plan starts from $4.99 per month

6. SPO or SEO Product Optimizer by SillyCube Technology

It is exquisitely designed to decrease your burden through SEO tools. This application determines similar niche keywords to yours on other stores. Thus picking out niche products and ranking higher in search engines.

You can figure out suitable keywords bearing good search volume. Indeed they aren’t competitive but advise on SEO keywords. Besides, without coding skills, you can alter your product link previews.

Primary Features:

  • Effective advice for SEO
  • Link preview customization on Twitter and Facebook
  • Incorporating focus keyword
  • Remarkable niche keyword suggestion
  • Editing and altering product link previews in bulks

Cost Price:

  • Free of cost
  • The basic plan starts from $15.99 per month

Incorporate Shopify SEO apps today for the best benefits

All the Shopify SEO apps are experts in tackling significant issues. Incorporating them will help you save your precious time. These apps will help in streamlining all procedures accordingly. Thus you can spend more time leveraging sales and dominating your niche.

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