Best Tips to Avoid Amazon Package Theft

For many years now, the internet and e-commerce are thriving, and the numbers of how many things people tend to buy online are constantly growing. The growth continues to get a boost from factors such as the recent pandemic situation and huge websites like Amazon, where you can buy so many different things: from clothing to electronics.

It is not only more convenient to buy things online, but during these interesting times of our lives, sitting at home, many have formed new habits for purchasing stuff online, and the service has become more user friendly. But on the other hand, the more ordered packages sent out equals more stolen packages as well.

To avoid this unpleasant issue, you can look at the best parcel boxes reviewed, and to be really sure that your package reaches you, check out these tips to avoid Amazon package theft.

Consider Having Security Cameras

When deciding what type of cameras it would be best to install near your door, you can either use real cameras or choose the fake ones. The fake one will cost you less money and lower the possibility of theft anyway because if the thief notices the camera, he might get scared and think his decision to steal could be too difficult. Or he might not notice it – then it will not bring you any advantage.

On the other hand, if you invest in a real camera, it will cost you more, and you will have to deal with the footage storage, which will usually have to be deleted after a few days. But it might really help you identify a thief if he is not hiding his face and still has the audacity to come up to your door and steal your package.

More to it, if you have a real camera, it might come in handy in many other situations – any other kind of theft or if you have your car parked just outside your house, and it gets hit by another car or scratched by some vandals. Also, your neighbors might ask you to see footage if something bad has happened to them – a friendly neighbor is always nice to have. All in all, a security camera is worth having for safety reasons.

Get to Know the People Who Are Delivering Your Packages

It turns out that not all security factors are based on modern technological devices. Some are based on simple friendship and communication. So it is always beneficial to know the couriers that deliver the packages to your neighborhood.

Therefore it is more likely that if a person knows and likes you and he sees that someone is trying to take your delivery, they will instantly know it’s probably a thief. And if you have a good relationship with that person, he is even more likely to do something about it and maybe even save your package from being stolen.

This also means that if you know each other and talk from time to time, the person delivering your package will know your delivery preferences. For example, where would you like your package to be placed? And even more – at what time you want your delivery to be delivered, so you can choose a time when you are actually at home.

Have a Safer Mailbox

One of many ways of making sure you receive your delivery, and nobody steals it is upgrading your mailbox to a better and safer one. This way, the package will not be left on your doormat. You can find many types of safe mailboxes designed to receive packages on the internet.

This way, your package will lose the interest of the thieves because they are usually interested in easy prey that is just sitting on the porch.

Communicate With Your Neighbors

If you keep a good relationship between your neighbors, it is always much better than not having one because neighbors might help you out in many difficult or urgent situations, from package delivery to a burning or flooding house.

More to it, if your neighbors are experiencing delivery theft as well, you can all unite and help each other out. You could agree to keep an eye on unknown people suspiciously around the houses that they obviously do not own.

Or another way is to plan the delivery of these packages in a way that at least one of your neighbors would be at home and could take your package in order to keep it safe until you get back home.

We hope these tips to avoid Amazon package theft will help keep your precious orders safe until you get the chance to get them from your front steps.

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