Best Way to Spend Your Weekend in Kissimmee

Best Way to Spend Your Weekend in Kissimmee

After a tough tiring week at work, you might want to spend your weekend with your family or friends aiming to relax or just have some fun at a decent restaurant, a festival, or a gala. As it turns out Kissimmee occurs to be very underrated when it comes to providing entertainment to its citizens and visitors. Yes, Orlando is just around the corner with many exciting prospects including the very great Disney Land but Kissimmee has its own list of offerings. Let us discover the best way to spend your weekend and the places to visit at Kissimmee, Florida.

Visit the Monument of States

Let’s start with some art and architecture. The monument of states is an amazing structure to check out considering how beautifully it has been crafted consisting of 48 states of the United States. Construction started after the attack on Pearl Harbour, at that time the United States did not have 50 states which is why the monument has 48 in the first place.

Dr. Charles Bressler is the man behind the idea who believed that there was a symbol required that embarked American history and unity which is why he sent letters to the mayors of all states asking them to send rocks to him from their belonging states. On receiving the rocks, he started construction forming an incredibly impressive monument. By the year 2001, the local community decided to renovate and repaint. Make sure to visit and don’t forget to take those pictures!

The Osceola Arts

The Osceola Arts is the hub of art of Florida with great entertainment to offer. You can visit and participate to witness the exceptional ability of the talented artists and actors present within the local community. The building of the Osceola Arts is divided into two parts with the first one being a smaller theatre where mini-plays and skits are performed usually by talented children. The other part of the building is more a theatre which occurs to be larger in size where broad-way shows and proper plays are conducted

Welcome Center and History Museum

A trip to the Museum is never regrettable because it makes us revisit our past and reminisce our history. If you want to learn the area’s cultural belongings then make sure to visit! The scavenger hunt is a fun activity that makes your museum tour more productive.

Paddling at Shingle Creek

Going to Shingle Creek on your weekends just happens to be a spectacular idea that will bring you tons of joy especially at the paddling center. You will spend a marvelous time with your friends and family here on the paddle-boards, paddling your way amongst the beautiful trees and woods!

The center will provide you with the necessary equipment required so you do not need to worry about bringing anything beforehand. Safety is taken into consideration and it is guaranteed that there is no risk. The center provides first aid training beforehand in case of an emergency arrives such as CPR guides and swimming techniques.

Museum of Military History

If you are a patriot who is well aware of the defense, history, and the past wars fought by the United States then for sure you need to visit the Museum of Military history at all costs. The idea behind the creation of this museum was to pay tribute to the soldiers who have laid their lives down for their country. The museum would help a common person understand what it feels like to be under the conditions soldiers are and most importantly how it feels like being in warlike conditions where your life could be at threat in warfare.

The museum obviously covers a wide array of events such as the American Civil War, the two World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam wars, the war on terror, and the conflicts in Iraq and Libya. It shows off military equipment such as old weapons used, soldier suits, and armor along with vehicles as well. It also flexes various photographs of the times when the brave men of the U.S were in foreign lands within bases or middle of warfare. The museum still manages to grow today so if you want to relive your passion for your country by paying a visit, go ahead!

Kissimmee Lakefront Park

The Lakefront Park provides you with a very peaceful environment occurring to be a place where you can have some great outdoor time. You can find different activities here including sports such as soccer. There are playgrounds for your children and also splash games so the ideal spot is to bring your kids to on the weekends with their schools off whilst you can go explore the wildlife or perhaps catch a few fishes. The versatility is impeccable with good spots to take pictures. Lastly, it is sometimes just a great place to sit and relax, the remarkable spot for a picnic! You can also look around for an apartment in the future. Kissimmee FL Homes for sale are in a great variety especially if your aim is to be near downtown.

Boggy Creek Airboat Rides

Last but not the least, the boggy creek airboat rides offer 45 minutes packed with entertainment. You will witness the native Florida reptiles such as the alligators as well as the turtles as well. There are also places to dine in so if you are looking for some BBQ then you are at the right place for sure!

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