Best Ways To Enjoy Gardening When You Don’t Have A Garden

Best Ways To Enjoy Gardening When You Don't Have A Garden

Gardening has become an increasingly popular pastime. While it is possible that this is linked to the outbreak of COVID-19 the upward trend has been occurring for many years and shows no sign of abating.

The simple fact is that gardening is therapeutic. In an increasingly busy world gardening gives people the opportunity to escape briefly. It allows you to focus on something else, often improving your ability to deal with difficult situations.

Of course, successfully growing anything also feels pretty good! But, what do you do if you don’t have a garden?

Garden Indoors

The great thing about gardening is that you don’t need a garden! All you need is a little space, some soil, pots, and seeds of cuttings. You can garden virtually anywhere and get the same rewards as if you were in your actual garden.

Take a moment to look at the space in your home. You’re certain to have a doorstep and windows. These end themselves to plant pots on the doorstep and window boxes in the windows. It’s easy to pick up pots and window boxes.

In fact, you can learn more here about the availability of boxes and plants for your home.

Choose Your Plant

You will need to spend a little longer choosing your plants. It’s important to choose ones that will like the position you’re putting them in. Don’t forget, it’s very different being in a window box outside your home than it is to be in a pot inside your home.

The space you have available and the climate, inside and outside of your home, will dictate which plants you should start with.

However, if you’re new to gardening it’s best to stick to hardy varieties, such as snake plants or cactus. These types of plants are hard to kill and will help you get a feel for gardening before you try more complicated plants.

Your Home

Don’t just think about the spaces that are outside but attached to your home. It’s entirely possible to put pots of plants all around your home. You simply need to look at the space you have and where plants can go that won’t get in the way. A collection of plants in pots together will make you feel like you’re sat outside.

But, remember, darker locations in your home will need to accommodate plants that prefer indirect light. There are plenty of options to choose from.

The Pot is Critical

Planting inside your home means you can’t have as many plants as in the garden. But, you can make your plants look fantastic by finding the best-looking pots. This is an individual decision. The pot has to appeal to you and look good with your décor.

Finally, you only need a small space for a bedding tray to try your hand at growing plants from seeds or cuttings. It’s worth considering putting a bedding tray in your kitchen or even your bathroom if you have the space.

Gardening is rewarding, you’ll be glad you found the space to do it.

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