Bugged Out! How to Find Out If You’re Being Watched

People get monitored or watched for different reasons. Law enforcement agents sometimes place their suspects under secret surveillance. Even extortionists sometimes eavesdrop on the conversations of their target waiting for secrets. They will use the secrets to extort money from their victims. There are corporate spies too. They want to know your secrets to be able to hustle you out of business.

The first major sign that your office may be bugged is when you notice that some of your competitors are implementing the ideas you discussed with your colleagues. Once you notice such signs, don’t take chances. Install a bug detector around your office. You can start by checking the features of some detectors here – https://www.gadgetsspy.com/best-bug-detector/. Effective bug detectors will not only locate electronic spying equipment but also disable them. In addition, here are some other signs that you are being watched.

Signs of intrusion

When you notice some signs of intrusion in your home, but nothing is missing, don’t ignore the sign. Spying equipment may have been installed in your house. Even if an appliance gets stolen it could be that you are being watched. When those criminals break in and realize that they have not done a clean job breaking in, they will steal an appliance to make it look like the burglary was for theft.

Interference with radio and TV

When either your radio or your TV is showing strange signs of interference, it could be another sign of being bugged out. The interference will linger for a long time. In fact, if this happens for more than 24 hours, you need to tread with caution. More than 24-hour radio interference is a sure sign of having spying or eavesdropping equipment around.

Wall debris on the floor

When you notice some wall debris on the floor in your home or in your office and you didn’t order any installation, it could be a good sign that you are being watched. Drywall debris is a sign of the installation of an appliance on the wall. In fact, what caused the debris is wall drilling.

Your utility provider shows up to fix a problem you didn’t complain about

Sometimes, the criminals will pretend to be an employee of your utility provider claiming that they notice a certain fault around. In such a situation, you can quickly call your utility provider to find out if it is true. If not, something must have been installed to amplify the voices of people speaking in your apartment.

The constant presence of a service or delivery truck around

When a service or a delivery truck spends more than 30 minutes around, the vehicle may be used as listening posts especially when the vehicle has tinted glass. In such a situation, you may not be the target, but it still concerns you as your turn could be next.

Unfortunately, you could still be bugged without any of the signs outlined above because the people behind it up their game constantly in terms of covering their tracks. Being vigilant and being observant are the main rules of the game.

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