Buying a Home with a Well? 6 Important Points to Check Before Signing the Deal

A home with a well can be extra beneficial. You just can’t ignore the fact that a water resource at your disposal can do wonders to your lifestyle. A well within the property that you are going to buy is like getting candies free along with your pack of confectioneries. Of course, you are going to shell extra money because of this added beneficial factor in the deal, but we all know the deal is going to be extra rewarding too.

It’s always better to take important measures to inquire about everything and going through a thorough check done by home inspectors in Maine when buying any property. But when it has a well in it, there are some special considerations to be taken — failing which, you can actually forget about getting any benefit from it.

Always check these factors out when buying a home with a well!

If you are opting for a home that has a well included in it, you are obviously looking to gain maximum benefits from it. Therefore, it’s essential to carry out well inspections by Alpha Building Inspections. They tend to give you the best reports on the quantity and quality of the well water, along with other important factors. They have got a set of experienced officers for this task, who carry out the inspections properly in order to get you the most accurate results of the property you are planning to buy. You may need to hire the assistance of Hills District conveyancing services if the property is in Australia.

Inquire about the water in the entire area

Basically in such areas where well water is provided, almost all the wells of the vicinity are connected together. It’s better to inquire about the water quality in the entire area before deciding to get the property. If the whole locality has certain issues with their water quality, there are more than average chances that the one you are buying is going to have the same issues too.

Check the rules and regulations of the area before buying the place

There are different rules regarding selling a property with a well in different areas. Some of them have this rule of testing the water quality before selling it, while some of the places allow even the previous buyer to have the permit to use the well even after selling it. There may be also some legal papers that have to be signed additionally for the inclusion of the well – in short, be aware of the laws of the land involving a well.

Check the water quality

The most important part to check when getting the house with a well is naturally the water quality, and this work needs to be done by a professional. We all know the importance of water in our lives, and how much its quality can affect us too. There are some samples taken in to lab for a check up in this test. They tend to give you a report on the levels of alkaline, PH, hardness, turbidity, etc. Also they’ll provide you with the quantity of essential minerals in the water – like iron, magnesium, calcium, etc. You should also instruct the testers to go for radon checking in the well water, along with the volatile organic compounds which has a pretty high possibility of being part of the water, especially if the well is quite old.

Quantity of the water

The quantity of the well water is as important an aspect to check as its quality. Just because the well has good quality of water, rich in its mineral content, it can’t be assumed that it’s going to be enough for your daily household requirements. There should be a certain stipulated gallon of water as per the length and breadth of the well that should be present in the well. Also, the average speed at which the well water flows and the amount that flows should be tested properly too.

Check if the property is big enough if it has a well

If a property consists of a well, it should have an extra acre or two for a properly designed septic system too. There should be enough area for both the well and the septic system to be included in the property.

 Septic system is working fine

A leaked septic system can be a serious issue in any home. But if it has a well, this can be really severe! If there aren’t enough gaps between the septic system and the well, and the septic system gets leaked, the well water is bound to get contaminated too. This can be a really dangerous and unpleasant situation for you. So a septic system inspection along with the well inspection is important too.

Apart from these factors, you can also check the internal connections of the well, its connecting pipelines to the home, the quality of the pipeline and if there’s any kind of leakage in it. With these factors taken into consideration, you can take a step forward and buy that home with a well annexed and enjoy its fruits for years!

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