Buying Property in Calgary: A Few Tips for a Smart Buy

Moving to Calgary, Alberta is a great decision for more reasons than one because, after all, it’s the cleanest city in the entire world to live in and enjoys some of the best weather conditions in the whole country! However, before you finalize the deal with your realtor, Calgary may just have a few things for the new resident to consider first.

Buying is Better than Renting Only When You are Staying

If you have plans to move out of the city anytime soon, or even a few years down the line, you should rent instead of buying right away. Buying makes more sense and is more economical, though, if you decide to stay in Calgary for the foreseeable future. Those with jobs that may require frequent shifting should reconsider unless they are buying property here for coming back to again at a later time, or for family.

Find a Trusting Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry as a whole is teeming with people who just want to sell you something, and that just won’t do here. A licensed realtor is the first sign to look for, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will get you the best deal.

Popowich & Company is largely considered to be the realtor Calgary trusts and they are actually committed to getting new residents the best deal. After all, they have a record of selling 112 homes per year on average, whereas the average for all other real estate agents in Calgary is just three homes per year! That astounding difference between the sales averages has to stand for something.

Get Your Home Checked

Don’t trust a friend, your spouse or even yourself when it comes to checking a property for damage, pest infestations, plumbing issues, electrical issues, etc. There are signs that you simply won’t notice and most real estate agents in Calgary won’t tell you about in the defense of ignorance. Sometimes, even they don’t know and at others, the owners themselves might be completely oblivious to the rot in the basement or the termite infestation behind the walls.

Don’t take any chances with this one and hire a professional inspection agency to get the property checked out for you before finalizing the deal. If there’s minor damage you could still be buying it, but at a reduced price than before, thanks to your new findings.

Perhaps it is best to just wait for a while rather than making a rash decision. Take your time because the list of available properties in Calgary is not going to just run out, although Calgary real estate is growing in both demand and price with every month it seems. Nevertheless, paying a little more six months down the line for a better and more suitable property is a more desirable outcome than paying for something which you will come to regret later on.

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