Buying The Latest Dirt Bike Accessories For 2022


Buying The Latest Dirt Bike Accessories For 2022

Do you own a dirt bike? Well, every dirt bike owner should have proper riding accessories because they are just as important as having an actual bike. But if you are starting out, you are probably surprised at the endless options available in the market and you could be asking yourself if you need all of them. The truth is some accessories are essential and you need them in your backpack for every trip you will make in 2022. 

In this article, let’s take a look at the latest dirt bike accessories for 2022 and where you can easily find them at a good price. 


Whether you have a new bike or an old one, getting yourself the latest tires with a greater spec can go a long way in improving your riding experience. When choosing tires in 2022, make sure that you buy tires that suit your riding style, are secure especially if you like to venture into difficult terrains, and are within your current budget. Many manufacturers’ websites will have a list of the various terrains their tires can maneuver, therefore be sure to do your research.  You can also check out this latest range of dirt bike tires available on Tokyo Mods and see which one best suits your current needs.  

Hand Guards

If you are an enduro racer, you definitely need handguards. Handguards protect your hands and the controls and can protect your fingers from getting broken if you ever get into a crash or when you land on rocks or tree branches. 

Even if you have a good pair of heavy-duty gloves, don’t underestimate the importance of owning handguards. Remember when you are out there riding your dirt bike, your hands are exposed and a good set of handguards can protect you from injuries. 

The latest handguards for 2022 are available on and you can also buy them from Amazon

Hydration Packs

Always carry some water with you when going out to ride your bike. Dirt biking is exhilarating but it can dehydrate you and the last thing you need is to be out there in the hills without water. If you have a traditional water bottle and you have tried drinking from it using one hand while the other hand is trying to balance on a bumpy trail, then you know that it can be quite overwhelming. This is why you need to invest in a hydration pack in 2022. Hydration packs are a great investment because they can be used hands-free and if you buy a good quality one such as the Fox Low hydration pack, you can be sure that it will not leak and it’s not too heavy.  

Handlebar Plugs

If you check the handlebars of your dirt bike, you will notice that the ends are open. These open ends can be dangerous in the long run because they allow water and dirt to sip into your handlebars. While it may not look like a big deal now, the truth is after a few years, you will notice that the handlebars are getting corroded and if you are not careful, they can break while you are riding and this can be devastating. Make sure that you get yourself handlebar plugs immediately after you buy your bike. The good thing is that they are quite affordable and you can use them to style your bike and give it some personality.

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