Calming Dogs with Hemp Treats

Hemp oil and powder have become well-known for their ability to help dogs relax and calm down, soothing physical pains and reducing anxiety when taken in safe amounts. In fact, there are dozens of private label dog treat manufacturers that focus on producing hemp dog treats that can be excellent for feisty or anxious pets, meaning that you don’t need to spend time and money making them yourself when you could be doing something more productive.

Why are they good?

Like dog treats, hemp dog treats are supposed to be tasty and easy to eat while still making them use their muscles and teeth. They’re treats, after all, which means that they’re usually used as a reward for good behavior or as an incentive to do certain things. If you like to pamper your dog, they can also be a daily snack between certain meals. Really, it’s up to you when and how your treats are used.

The hemp dog treats are slightly different, mainly because of the hemp used in them. The hemp oil and/or protein powder in the mixture, along with other specific herbs and ingredients, makes them into calming treats that act as a source of pain relief, physical relaxation, and stress removal. A dog that takes them will not only be able to relax more (and might even fall asleep) but will also be much less irritated and won’t feel as sore if they’ve been hurt recently.

How are they used?

It’s important to use these calming treats carefully since they’re still slightly more dangerous than regular taste-focused treats. That’s not to say that they’re harmful or toxic, but you need to keep track of dosages: in most cases, this will change based on not only the size of your dog but its breed and weight. Many companies, such as Karma Pets, have spent a lot of time on setting up a proper system that lets you ensure you’ve given out a safe dosage.

Other than that, they’re used just like regular treats: it’s not like hemp oil drops, where you have to be very precise and add it to existing food. You simply have to give your dog some dog treats and make sure that it doesn’t go above its safe dosage, in the same way a human might take chewy vitamins.

Why would a dog need hemp?

Hemp can have a range of uses, but it might seem like adding it to dog treats is a bit excessive. In reality, it makes those treats a great tool for multiple practical reasons. In older dogs, you can use calming treats to get rid of joint pain and make it easier for them to handle arthritis, as well as surgical injuries or pains from other sources that take a while to heal. Alongside this, it’s also a good way to help any dog deal with stress – maybe it’s getting separation anxiety or it’s just moved to a new home and isn’t familiar with its environment.

Hemp won’t solve these problems, just like it won’t cure physical pains, but it makes them much more bearable for your dog. While it’s not a long-term solution, it can be a ‘mental bandage’ to stop them from feeling down or sore all the time.

How do I choose some hemp dog treats?

Hemp dog treats, at a basic level, still have all the different variables involved in buying regular treats: taste, smell, size, chewiness, and so on. However, you might also want to keep an eye out for the dosage of hemp in each treat, as well as whatever other herbs are used. Remember that pets have preferences, so certain flavors or treat types might be more appealing to them. The pickier the pet, the more exact you’ll have to be, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on what you’re getting compared to their usual treats.

Once you’ve got them, and you can confirm that your pet likes them (or at least tolerates them), then you should be able to use them as normal. If you’re careful, your dog should be able to reap the benefits with absolutely no harm to its own health, and might even be able to enjoy life more now that age-related soreness or injury-based pains are much less of a problem for them.

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