Can A Home Offer Both Security And Style?

When you think of securing a home to a maximum degree, it’s quite easy to get carried away. Huge fences with massive searchlights and guards standing around 24/7 might be a popular choice for the mega-rich living in secure neighborhoods, but for the general person, that’s not appealing. Securing our homes, then, is both an individual and community effort.

However, it’s not hard to see that sometimes, security can be unsightly. No one wants to display heavy warnings on their property fences, or have infrastructure so dense that it seems only an escape from Alcatraz in its prime could be comparable. This begs the question – is it possible for a home to both balance home security and style? Or is that something of a pipe dream?

Well, there’s no need to worry, because this is more than possible, and you need not think you’re silly for asking the question!  In fact, security implements have become all the more discreet and effective over the years, and we have decided to bring in some decorative or renovative advice below to measure that. Consider the following:

Sight Lines

Sightlines are perhaps your most understated but important measure of home security. If you have thick hedges everywhere, leading up to your front door, it’s pretty hard to see who might be coming around the bend. That said, privacy is of course something you should feel entitled to. Within your property borders, however, it’s best to have good sight. This might mean curating your garden so that the larger plants feature towards the back, that hedges and fences are on the borderline of your property, and that your garden path leads in front of the household and is visible by at least two windows – all of this can help. Furthermore, implementing a door peephole can also help you see who might be at the door before you answer it. These elements need not harm your home’s style while securing your home, in fact, they can positively influence it.

Door Cameras

A door or porch camera can often be a fantastic means of staying protected. A little CCTV system, recorded when motion takes place and alerting you through the smartphone app, can help you keep tabs of who might be knocking on your door throughout the day. This method has caught many people out over the years, from trespassers scoping a property out to those who may be stealing packages. And with such small implementations of this equipment possible in the modern-day, you need not ruin your home aesthetic with a large, bulky, obvious camera. You can even find this product cheaply on Amazon, or in most gadget stores.

Strong, Attractive Doors

Of course, more than visibility, having worthwhile protection is essential. Provia doors offer an amazing balance between structural strength and actual structural quality. They are beautiful, offering a range of designs for a range of door sizes. This can also theme with a range of other implements you have in the household, such as your window trimmings.

This isn’t to say that while an installation like this can improve your curb appeal, it won’t be a tremendous success in your security effort. A strong, imposing door that is extremely difficult to damage, and very easy to lock in multiple places will help you gain that peace of mind you may be looking for. But why stop with the front door? All entrances to your property should grant you the same peace of mind. This way, you can be sure that you are prepared and ready for any untoward eventuality. And, for the rest of the time, you can enjoy a fantastic and beautiful new home implementation.

Floodlights & Nightlights

Of course, nothing is more attractive than a beautifully lit property at night. Thankfully, lighting is your friend when it comes to securing your home, too. A garden path strewn with attractive lighting during the night can ensure your home is visible but also hard to hide around during the late night. Motion-detecting floodlights can also illuminate all areas of your property, from the side avenues to the back garden and front path at night. If it’s someone you trust being illuminated, no problem. If someone with negative intent lights up like a Christmas tree – you’re certainly going to deter that person from sticking around. We don’t mean to imply this last scenario is an issue you’re going to experience often, but that one time you do? You’ll be glad for the lights.

These lights also serve a practical purpose. Having your driveway light up at night when entering your driveway can help you avoid nudging the brick wall or making a parking mistake – easy to do when you’re only using your headlights. For such an unimposing installation, and for such a nominal fee, this could (and perhaps should) be your first port of call.

Community Spirit

Community spirit is invisible, but it’s certainly present. Simply getting together with your neighbors and running a neighborhood watch scheme can be important. This can be even more important if you live in a rural area. Reporting on suspicious activity, having direct lines to the police, being careful about how you secure your properties and discussing what’s good for the community – all of this is invisible but truly worthwhile. And of course, no house is happier than when it’s situated in a caring, protective neighborhood. We think that’s also style enough.

Subtle Home Alarms

For our last piece of advice, we’re going to discuss something quite obvious – home alarms. Home alarms need not be the eyesores they once were, with blinking lights at the external element of your home. Instead, you can now ensure it’s all internal, that opening the front or back doors is immediately greeted with a timer from which you have to deactivate the alarm. It’s a good way to ensure people are alerted to a home break-in, without impeding the visual style of your home.

With this advice, we hope that securing your home can offer both security and style. In 2020, there’s no reason as to why you have to choose one over the other.

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