Can Succulents Grow Outdoors? Tips and Tricks to Landscaping with Succulents

Can Succulents Grow Outdoors Tips and Tricks to Landscaping with Succulents

Looking to decorate your yard or garden with succulents? A common question many people have when attempt landscaping with succulents outdoors is: “will my succulents survive outdoors?” The answer is yes! But, not all succulents are suited for the outdoors. Therefore, when embarking on your horticultural landscaping journey be sure to follow these five steps to ensure that your succulents will thrive in any outdoor space. If you’re looking for outdoor succulents for sale check out Succulent Market. They have a wide variety of outdoor succulents readily available for sale.

Be Aware of Climate

Succulents won’t thrive in all outdoor environments. Succulents will die at any temperature that goes below freezing which is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, succulents will not thrive in an area where it rains for most if not all of the year. So, if you live in an area with a lot of rain and freezing temperatures outdoor succulent landscaping does not seem like the best choice for you.

Select An Outdoor Succulent Variety

Outdoor succulents are varieties of succulents that can withstand light from full hot sun, otherwise called direct sunlight. These varieties include, but not limited to, Echeveria, Crassula, and Aloe varieties of succulents. These outdoor varieties of succulents will thrive in any outdoor space. Since your local greenhouse may not carry very many varieties, you’ll want to check out online stores, this link can help you find the best place to buy succulents online.

Plant Correctly

Plant outdoor succulents correctly. Cover the space where you will plant the outdoor succulents with a well-draining soil. Then remove the outdoor succulents from their pot and place it in the soil. Slightly push the soil into the succulent, slightly applying pressure to the soil surrounding the succulent. Then wait two weeks before watering your outdoor succulent. This allows your outdoor succulent to establish itself.

It is also best to begin a landscaping project with outdoor succulents in Spring or Summer to ensure that your outdoor succulents have ample time to establish themselves before the colder months in fall and winter.

Acclimate Your Outdoor Succulents

Most outdoor succulent varieties are grown in greenhouses. This means that they are grown in a shaded environment. For this reason, it is essential to slowly acclimate your succulents to direct sunlight. The best way to acclimate your succulents is with shade or grower’s cloth. At first cover your outdoor succulents with shade cloth for the entire day. After a while, slowly remove the shade cloth for at first a quarter of the day, then half the day, then the whole day.

While slowly removing the shade cloth it is important to monitor whether your outdoor succulents are getting burned. If your outdoor succulents are getting burned, then simply leave the shade cloth on the outdoor succulents for a longer period of time. If you do not have shade cloth then you can simply use direct shade. This can be done by simply moving your outdoor succulents into shade or utilizing a piece of cardboard to shade your succulents from the sun. 

Water Correctly

Be sure to not over water your outdoor succulents. Succulents are drought tolerant plants and thrive in dry environments. For this reason, wait until the soil surrounding your succulent is completely dry. Outdoor succulents enjoy a little stress, so allow your outdoor succulent to undergo a dry period. After this dry period water your outdoor succulents. Water until the soil is moist, and be sure to not water your succulent so that water does not begin to accumulate on the surface. You want the soil surrounding the outdoor succulent to simply be moist.

Outdoor succulents can be a great addition to any yard or garden. If you follow these simple steps then your succulents will thrive outdoors. Once again if you’re looking to buy outdoor succulents check out Succulent Market. They have a great selection of outdoor succulents for sale.

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