Canine Covergirls – 5 of the Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Canine Covergirls - 5 of the Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world. We thrive from their companionship and unconditional love. Our canine friends come in all different shapes and sizes – some cute, some quirky, and some downright stunning. Here are 5 of the most beautiful dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs to have as a pet. They feature in movies, tv shows, and ad campaigns – probably because they are so loveable and exquisitely beautiful. Their coats are in glorious shades from cream to fox red, and they sparkle in the sunshine. Nobody will feel sad when a happy, smiley golden retriever enters a room!

Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds have been portrayed in movies, cartoons, and tv shows as glamorous dogs, swishing along by their owner’s side with their long hair flowing in the breeze. It is their very long hair that gives them their beauty as the hair on their head frames their face like that of a beautiful, blonde cover girl. If you own an Afghan hound or just admire their beauty, you may want to adorn your home with some art of the chic canine. Check out for some unique dog pictures.


Maltese dogs belong to the Toy Dog group and are intelligent, friendly little dogs. The history of these pretty dogs goes back to well over twenty-eight centuries when they were bred as lap dogs for aristocrats. Evidence of Maltese dogs is present in ancient Egyptian art and Greek ceramics and depicts how these civilizations worshipped them.

It is their wonderful, long white coat and diminutive size that makes these dogs look so attractive. Their dark eyes and button nose peek out from a veil of silken hair that some owners of Maltese dogs tie up into a topknot. However, these cute pooches need a lot of grooming to keep their locks in tip-top condition.

Irish Setter

Like the golden retriever, Irish setters are gundogs. They are revered for their shiny coat, which is a spectacular shade of mahogany. They are tall, elegant dogs with sinewy legs and a graceful gait. These setters have a wonderfully sweet and friendly nature. They love to play and make friends with people of all ages and will happily bound about for hours a day.

Their luxurious coat needs a lot of maintenance to keep it shiny and tangle-free. During shedding seasons, they will lose copious amounts of fur.


The pure white double-layer coat of the Samoyed is their crowning glory. Weavers will actively seek out Samoyed fur, card it, spin it and weave or knit it into clothing or blankets.

These furry beauties were originally bred thousands of years ago in Siberia by the Samoyede people – now known as Nenetsky people. This gorgeous breed was used to herd reindeer, pulls sleds, and protect their owners. They would also lie on top of their human family at night to keep them warm on bitterly cold nights.

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