Cargo Bikes: the New Alternative for the Family Car


Cargo Bikes: the New Alternative for the Family Car

When gas prices go up across the United States, millions of families are impacted in one way or another. As a result, more and more people are now looking for alternative means of transportation. While the local bus or train is always a possibility, an electric cargo bike may be your best option by far.

The demand for cargo bikes has increased drastically in this country, and will continue to do so according to Allied Market Reseach. In fact, with this much growth in popularity, some suspect that it might even replace cars entirely. But exactly how well do they stack up against the average vehicle?

Let’s take a closer look at what a cargo bike can do, and at how well it stacks up against the average vehicle.

What is a Cargo Bike?

A cargo bike is any bicycle that can carry heavier loads, such as multiple bags or at least one extra person. While it comes in a number of different designs, one of the most popular and functional models features a large front box flanked by two front wheels.

Ferla Bikes is a well-known manufacturer of cargo bikes, and they’ve converted many drivers into dedicated bikers. Their models use an electric motor that you charge up before using, meaning less stress on the body and more distances to be traveled. In fact,some can take you as far as 50 miles on just one charge alone.

Benefits of Owning a Cargo Bike

There are plenty of good reasons to start owning a cargo bike. While some might be more obvious than others, any one of these could change your life for the better in many different ways.

Saving You Money

Depending on how much prices fluctuate, you could spend anywhere between $150 to $200 per month on gasoline. When you compare this, plus the cost of regular maintenance and insurance, to what you’d pay for an electric cargo bike, you can instantly see how much money you’d save.

And while you’d still have to maintain your bike from time to time, it doesn’t require nearly as much as a vehicle. And even when you do take it in to be fixed, the amount you’d spend would only be a tiny fraction.

Better for the Environment

One of the biggest reasons why people swap out their car for a bike is to do their part to help their environment. Biking means that you won’t have to use any harmful fossil fuels or chemicals to power up your ride. It also means that roads and highways are less crowded, which cuts down on traffic and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

And when there’s less of a need for cars, there’s also less need for all of the harmful processes that go into making and disposing of them.

Great Bonding Time with Children

Cargo Bikes: the New Alternative for the Family Car

There’s a reason why so many manufacturers recommend their bikes for family bonding time.

While you may not realize it at first, getting a cargo bike for kids could mean even more quality time with them. Whether you’re taking them to school, riding to the local park, or going into town to get everyone a treat, they’ll have lots of fun riding in the front compartment of your cargo bike. And because they’re sitting right there with you, you can carry on a conversation or even make a game out of traveling.

Good for Your Health

Regular biking is excellent for your overall health. In fact, studies show that biking a few times a week can strengthen your heart, bones, and lower body muscles. Over time, it can also lead to better posture, decrease body fat levels, and even reduce the amount of stress you feel. If nothing else, buying a cargo bike could keep you healthy and give you a better quality of life.

Easier and Safer

All-in-all, a cargo bike is both easier to use than a car and much safer than your average bicycle or trailer. All you have to do to get it started is hop right on and start pedaling. There’s no fumbling for keys or wondering what’s wrong when it won’t turn on.

And with the main cargo area located in the front, you can keep a closer eye on your young passengers throughout the ride.

So Can a Cargo Bike Replace the Family Car?

There will still be several times when you’ll need a car, especially for long-distance traveling. But as for everyday travels, cargo bicycles can easily become our go-to modes of transportation. they’re easier to maintain, save you lots of money, and are excellent for the environment. And the fact that they also do wonders for your health and family bonding time doesn’t hurt either.

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