Carpet Cleaning: 6 Tips from the Pros

Carpet Cleaning: 6 Tips from the Pros

A clean image of your house is a plus for you. Regardless of how often you clean your carpet, it is prone to get stubborn stains and dirt over time. It is important to identify the products to use during the cleaning exercise. Cleaning your carpet should be a weekly affair. This is why you need to onboard the services of experts to assist you in this.

In this article, we shall delve into some of the carpet cleaning tips from the experts.

Have cleaning products at hand

It is crucial that you purchase the correct products for cleaning your carpet. Ensure that you have them before the cleaning exercise starts. The pros advocate that you should have the following products in your house;

  • White distilled vinegar: a combination of vinegar and water will assist in dealing with juicy stains. Apply a handful of the vinegar hen clearing the stains.
  • Club soda is effective in dealing with wine and beer characters. The results from club soda are almost a hundred percent guaranteed.
  • Dishwashing liquid: combine two pints of dishwashing liquid with warm water and cleaning your carpet. It is used in place of a specialized carpet cleaner.
  • Ammonia handles almost all types of stains. It is actually the most recommended by professionals as it is readily available.
  • Wet wipes deal with light stains on your carpet.

Eradicate chewing gum with ice

The battle with chewing gum is unending especially if you have kids in the house. They stick their gums everywhere including the carpet. Well, this should not trouble you. Get ice cubes and place them on the gum for a minute. It will freeze quickly and you will scrap it off from the carpet using a spoon or butter knife.

Do not rub stains

There is always an urge of rubbing a stain immediately after it occurs. By all means, refrain from it. Instead, gently blot your stains using cleaning detergents or a paper towel, sponge, or clean cloth. It places some pressure on the stain hence making the removal process faster.

When blotting, ensure you begin with the outer side of the stain. It will minimize the spreading of the stains toward other areas of your carpet.

Hydrogen peroxide should be your friend

Hydrogen peroxide is known for dealing with different decays and carpet stains that have not been left behind. Stains like blood will need it for removal. To eradicate blood stains, apply a lot of hydrogen peroxide directly to it.

The solution starts to fizz and foam when in contact with the bloodstains. Blot your peroxide after a few minutes and the remaining blood with a paper towel or white cotton cloth.

Cleaning your pet accidents organically

If you want to bring pets into your house, do not hesitate because of the carpet. There are many organic cleaners in stores to get rid of pet some instances, you will have to scrub to get rid of the odor and staining. Use a paper towel or white cloths for the same.

Nontoxic cleaners can also be applied in handling other kinds of stains such as sauces and coffee. Resist using caustic chemicals at all costs.

Deep clean regularly

To maintain your carpet looking new and fresh, clean it regularly. Use a steam cleaner for this exercise. It involves using a cleaning detergent under immense pressure. Use water-jet nozzles when inserting it into your carpet. The equipment will suck the cleaning detergent alongside the debris and stains in the carpet.

The steam and hot water make their way into the carpet fibers. It loosens any greasy deposits, embedded soil, or dust. Your carpet will be left very clean for a certain period of time. Most professionals recommend that deep carpet cleaning should be conducted after every six months.

You can make deep cleaning your carpet a weekend affair for the entire family.

The bottom line

Keeping your carpet clean gives your home a good impression. Guests will enjoy their time in your house in a clean environment. The list of cleaning tips from the pros cannot be exhausted. There is more to all these tips hence there is no excuse for living under a dirty carpet.

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If you consider them, your carpet will remain clean all the time.

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