CBD Joints- How Are They Different from Marijuana Joints?

CBD oil used to be the most popular method of imbibing cannabidiol all over the world. Quick, convenient, and, above all, discreet, CBD oil seemed the perfect method. However, now that society has generally grown more relaxed toward cannabis and CBD, people have returned to smoking their cannabinoids. This doesn’t mean that people have begun smoking marijuana joints, though; instead, they have started to smoke CBD joints.

But how do CBD joints work? And in what way are they different from regular marijuana joints?

What Are CBD Joints?

A CBD joint is fundamentally the same as a regular joint; it consists of ground plant matter rolled into a cigarette. Instead of containing carefully extracted CBD produced from hemp – as is the case with CBD oil – CBD joints are made from cannabis that is rich in CBD.

Strains of cannabis that have been specifically bred to contain high amounts of CBD and no THC are grown for this purpose, resulting in some very unique offerings. These CBD-rich strains are ground up and then rolled into joints, allowing them to be smoked in the usual way.

All this makes CBD joints seem pretty much indistinguishable from regular marijuana joints. So, what is the difference between them?

What Makes CBD Joints So Different from Regular Marijuana Joints?

While both CBD joints and marijuana joints are fundamentally the same when it comes to how they are smoked, they have some pretty significant differences when it comes to their actual cannabinoid composition. The key quality of regular marijuana joints is that they contain copious amounts of THC. This is the cannabinoid that gets you high and is usually the main reason that people smoke marijuana.

CBD joints, however, aim to have less than 0.2% THC, allowing you to enjoy them legally while out in the open. Another thing to consider is that pretty much all CBD-rich cannabis strains are going to have pretty significantly different flavor profiles. All of the most famously tasty cannabis strains are linked to high THC concentrations, so you won’t really be able to enjoy the same flavors in a CBD-rich strain.

However, they will have their own unique flavor combinations, allowing for a totally different experience compared to marijuana joints. The critical quality of CBD joints, though, is the fact that it is legal to smoke them in states that allow residents to imbibe regular CBD. As long as the CBD-rich cannabis doesn’t contain more than the allowed level of THC, they aren’t breaking any laws.

Of course, that doesn’t always stop some people wondering; anyone walking through the street smoking a CBD joint would likely be accused of smoking pot. It makes smoking CBD joints a bit of a risk in and of itself.  So, why is it that someone would choose to use CBD joints over other methods of imbibing CBD?

What Are the Benefits of Smoking CBD Joints Over Other Methods?

The big benefits of smoking CBD joints over other methods of imbibing CBD are both test and effectiveness. Firstly, a user can enjoy CBD much more pleasantly by smoking than by taking CBD oil, simply because they do not have to deal with any off-flavors typically associated with CBD oil. They can enjoy the taste of their chosen cannabis strain at their leisure.

The other main reason people enjoy CBD joints is the higher rate of bioavailability. According to a study by Millar et al., the bioavailability of CBD goes all the way up to 31% when imbibed through smoking. This is a considerable increase when compared to other methods and means that CBD smokers can actually notice significantly increased effectiveness from their CBD.

Final Thoughts: How CBD Joints Are Different from Marijuana Joints

Choosing to get started with CBD joints might seem pretty scary for most CBD users, especially if you live in an area typically resistant to cannabis in general. However, thanks to both excellent bioavailability and all the great flavors and terpene variations available to be enjoyed when a person smokes CBD, it does start to make sense. While it used to be a lot rarer, CBD joints are now being stocked all over the place at regular CBD retailers like Premium Jane.

As long as users ensure that they are buying their CBD joints from reputable, trustworthy CBD retailers like Premium Jane, then they shouldn’t have anything to fear. Suppose they can rely on accurate lab reports detailing the specific cannabinoid concentrations. In that case, they can rest assured that they won’t be accidentally breaking any laws by smoking any amount of THC in their CBD joints.

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