Choosing Best Brands of Baking Equipment

Almost everyone enjoys eating baked goods like cakes, pastries, and bread. While there are many shops selling baked goods, these items are often expensive, and the buyer does not know the ingredients which are being used. However, baking food items at home manually is a time-consuming process. Hence many families and individuals would like to find out the best brands of baking equipment and suitable tools which will help them bake their favorite food items faster. The taste of a recipe depends to a great extent on how well it is mixed or kneaded. So some considerations while choosing baking equipment are discussed below.

Choosing Best Brands of Baking Equipment


Probably the most important consideration while shopping for baking equipment is the budget of the buyer. There is a wide range of baking equipment which are available in the market of different brands, which vary in their features. The most basic baking equipment only has beaters for egg whites and kneaders for dough and is affordably priced costing a few hundred dollars or less. In contrast, the most sophisticated baking equipment has a large number of accessories supplied, also including induction heating for direct baking, and costs thousands of dollars. So first the buyer should decide on how much he or she wishes to spend.


Another consideration while comparing different brands of baking equipment is the capacity of the equipment. Smaller inexpensive baking equipment usually has a smaller bowl with a capacity of 3 liters, while the top end baking equipment has bowls of larger capacity, up to 6.7 liters for some brands. This makes it possible to mix larger quantities of ingredients at a time, saving time. The motor rating of low-end baking equipment is also lower at 350 watts, while the most expensive baking equipment has high capacity motors rated at 1200 watts to 1500 watts, for faster mixing of ingredients.

User interface

Depending on the ingredients which are being mixed or kneaded, the settings of the baking equipment have to be changed. For the high-end equipment, a number of functions are reprogrammed so that the user does not have to enter the settings manually, he only has to choose the relevant function. Additionally, a display is also provided in this equipment, for showing the status of the mixing, and baking. The inexpensive baking equipment does not have any programmable features, so all settings are done manually, and the baking has to be done separately.

Material and accessories

The best baking equipment is made entirely from stainless steel, with tools and body material also made from the same material, since it is durable and does not corrode, though it is expensive. The cheaper equipment has some parts made from plastic and aluminum to reduce cost. The accessories for basic models are only the K-beater, whisker, dough hook. The best models have additional tools like a creaming beater, stirring tool, steaming basket, which help in baking better quality cakes, biscuits, bread more easily and quickly. Hence depending on how often the baking equipment will be used, suitable branded equipment should be selected.


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