Choosing the Perfect Mattress – the Easy Way

Foam, adjustable, and innerspring are the three types of mattresses that are popular with interior designers and homemakers alike. If you scour online and offline mattress stores carefully, you will come across hundreds of mattress types to choose from. With plenty of varieties to choose from, it’s not easy to choose the “perfect mattress” when you decide to replace your existing one or invest in a new bed.

Buy the Best Mattress Online

Even as you freeze your choice on the best type of mattress on the racks, it’s important to keep different facts in mind before making your purchase. As per the experts at the mattress chosen by you should be comfortable, capable of providing the right support to your back, and long-lasting. There’s a lot more than you have to consider before bringing a mattress home. Here, we take you a series of guidelines to guide the purchase of your next mattress.

Mattresses that Bounce!

Do you enjoy sleeping on a bouncy bed? If yes, you may want to select an innerspring mattress that possesses a welcoming bouncy feel. The coils are interconnected in this type of mattress to extend the highest degree of durability. Besides, the bed contains individual ‘pocketed’ coils layered with fabric to decrease the effects of ripples taking place (as per the movements of the user).

Firm-based Mattresses

Not everyone likes a springy or bouncy bed. If you are one among them then it’s a good idea to settle for a firm mattress. Ascertain the thickness and density of the foam mattress to figure out its quality. It is important to understand these factors of purchase to know how deep you’ll sink into the bed while sleeping or sitting on it. Modern foam mattresses comprise of different layers of foam as per their thickness and firmness. The heavier layers are placed on the underside of the mattress for more support while the lighter ones are placed at the top for providing extra comfort.

Mattress with a Plush Top

There is either a foam or fiberfill outer layer in an innerspring mattress. This layer is usually cushioned in quilted ticking. However, it’s important not to get carried away by the thick-looking pillowtop that gives off a super-luxurious hotel-like feel. This is because the top is likely to get compressed over some time. A well-quilted and firm mattress is a superior choice as it’s covered with a mattress topper that can be replaced as and when required.

Sleeping on Your Side?

If you are prone to sleeping on your side then it’s important to invest in the right mattress that’s capable of providing support to the weight of your body. A good-quality mattress will align itself to the shape of your body to give adequate relief.

Buy the perfect Mattress

Before you set out to buy the mattress of your dreams check out the state of your existing one. Buying a mattress is an art that needs sound judgment skills. You may want to consult experts to understand the nuances of choosing a good mattress.

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