Choosing the Right Baby Formula

Given all the options available these days, it can be super overwhelming trying to find the very best formula for our baby. It’s a challenge – no doubt. There are so many decisions we have to make for our beloved babies and if we could just get some solid advice that is not biased. In this article, I will talk specifically about one brand that has caught my eye – I will lay out the facts, so you are able to compare it with some of the other manufacturers. Hopefully, this will help you to continue your research and journey to find a suitable baby formula.

 Kendamil Organic Baby Formulas

I know I sound like any other salesman here, but I just want to list the pros and cons that I have found for this manufacturer. I am by no means saying this is the very best – it is just for comparison purposes when you look at other brands.

Kendamil is a somewhat newer player in this field, compared to HiPP or Holle for instance. Does that mean they are of lesser quality? I doubt. At least when we take a look at the ingredients and claimed benefits. Let’s dive into this!

First and foremost, Kendamil is a UK company. They manufacture organic baby formulas with some noteworthy pros: they do not use palm oil (zero tolerance!), only use wholesome ingredients and their sourcing really is ethical (more about this later). Furthermore, they stay away from GMOs, soy, and added sugars (even glucose!). Kendamil also promises that their baby formulas are free from chemicals, hormones, steroids, and even heavy metals. Can we say this about any of the formulas sold over the counter? That’s a huge NO.

That’s pretty good for the start – is there more? For parents out there, who are struggling to find the suitable or shall I even say tolerable formula for your baby, Kendamil might have an answer: goat’s milk! Yes, Kendamil has decided to add goat’s milk-based formulas to their assortment. We know that goat’s milk is a lot similar to human breastmilk, including the famous oligosaccharides that allow natural prebiotics development and overall gut health.

 Kendamil Goat

You have probably read, how goat’s milk formulas are easier on a baby’s stomach and digestion. It is only true because goat’s milk has smaller and softer curds and they do not upset the little one’s stomach as much as cow’s milk. Also, this might sound a bit scientific, but bear with me – goat’s milk is A2! Basically, one of the big reasons why parents are having issues with cow’s milk formulas is the allergen in the 67th position of the amino acid chain. More on the science: goat’s milk (A2) naturally expresses histidine and due to that, it is way easier digested and absorbed.

 Kendamil promises and certifications

* Halal Certification

* Graded AA (highest quality possible)

* CDFA Certification

* Health and Safety Certification

* ISO 14001

* Super Kosher Certification

* Soil Association Certification (Organic)

You can easily look up what each of those means, I just felt like I had to lay it out. Looks fancy, doesn’t it? Kendamil really takes the responsibility here and their company values are pretty high standard.

 Kendamil formula options and different stages

As you already know, Kendamil offers both – cow’s milk and goat’s milk-based formulas. Both of those come in three different stages:

* Stage 1 – from birth to 6 months

* Stage 2 – 6 months to 12 months

* Stage 3 – 12 months to 36 months


Kendamil seems to deliver quite a lot, their core values and accreditations are respectfully high. In addition, I read reviews from the parents and there really is a lot of praise, especially for the goat’s milk. How is your current baby formula competing with Kendamil? I must say, I was pleasantly surprised and quite honestly, fairly convinced.

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